WEST HOLLYWOOD—The city of West Hollywood has selected 21 projects for the city’s Sunset Arts & Advertising Program. The city’s Design Excellence Review Committee concluded the evaluation in May. 

The Sunset Arts & Advertising Program was launched in 2019 by the city to “reimagine” the outdoor advertising style on the Sunset Strip. The projects are meant to “set the new standard for digital outdoor advertising,” according to the city. 

Applications were received from October 14, 2019 until November 4, 2019. The top-scoring 21 projects were selected from a total of 43 applications. The projects will still require review by the Planning Commission and approval by the West Hollywood City Council.

West Hollywood Mayor Lindsey P. Horvath said in a July 7 press release that the Strip is “one of the most visible sites for outdoor advertising in the world.”

“Dynamic and creative outdoor advertising signs have long characterized the Strip and have been an integral part of culture on this famous boulevard,” said Mayor Horvath. “[These projects] will showcase new opportunities for public art and increase the visibility of West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip as a preeminent location for outdoor advertising, while keeping in mind the City’s commitment to sustainability and historic preservation,” she continued.

The signage projects are a collaboration between architects, artists, designers, and signage and media companies. The city expects the program’s projects to bring public benefits to the Strip and to the city of West Hollywood.

“If approved, the top-scoring projects would bring historic preservation, building improvements, public space improvements, arts and civics programming, and revenue sharing to the City,” the press release states.

Each of the projects will include a revenue-sharing component in partnership with the city. Digitals signs, for instance, “can bring in significantly higher revenue compared to a typical static billboard,” according to the city’s program report. 

Sunset buildings The Rainbow (9015), The Whisky (8901), and The Comedy Store (8433) are among those include in the selected projects.