WEST HOLLYWOOD—On Thursday, May 21, the City of West Hollywood announced that there would be several tributes to frontline transit workers during the week of May 25, 2020, which has been designated as “Transit Workers Appreciation Week.”

Lanterns above Santa Monica Boulevard – between N. Robertson Boulevard and Hancock Avenue – will glow orange throughout the week in recognition of workers at the Metro Division 7 transit facility, which is located on the same road. City of West Hollywood Mayor Lindsey P. Horvath said that this is “the least we can do to celebrate transit workers for the essential public service they provide across our cities, states, and nation.”

According to the official announcement about the celebrations, transit workers include “drivers, operators, mechanics, and maintenance personnel who ensure that transit systems are clean for riders and commuters.” U.S. Census data indicates that 2.8 million essential-industry workers commute using transit, equivalent to 36 percent of all of the service’s users. Transit has been classified as an essential service in the Safer At Home orders.

The City is also partnering with Metro to award Certificates of Recognition to the approximately 500 bus operators, mechanics, and support staff at Division 7. 

Community members are encouraged to participate in the commemorations by sharing @wehocity’s social media posts about Transit Workers Appreciation Week, thanking workers when using transportation for essential travel, and making yard and window signs.

“Transit Workers Appreciation Week allows us to thank members of our transit community for being everyday heroes who continue to keep our communities and country moving in moments of crisis,” said Horvath. “Although the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the rhythm of our daily lives, the demand for assistance and products remains the same. Without the selfless acts of service and sacrifice made by countless transit workers, many of the employees in industries defined as essential would not be able to provide the healthcare, food assistance, and safety our neighborhoods and communities desperately need.”

“It is more important than ever that we recognize Transit Worker Appreciation Week and celebrate the significance of transit workers every day… We are incredibly grateful to Metro and to the transit workers who have continued to serve our community and the region during the COVID-19 pandemic.”