MALIBU—The city of Malibu revealed that the Clean Power Alliance (CPA) a new, locally controlled electricity provider in Southern California includes Malibu and 30 other cities, will launch in February 2019.

According to the city of Malibu website, CPA will provide the energy for Malibu and with a fee that replaces what Southern California Edison (SCE) would have charged. SCE will deliver the power via their lines and wires and continue to charge a fee for that service. There will be no duplication of fees, as the fees are for different types of services.

The Clean Power Alliance provides the opportunity for customers to choose cleaner power at competitive rates, in addition to providing creative energy programs and local economic benefits. Over the course of 2018-2019, Clean Power Alliance will start providing electricity to nearly 3 million people and about 1 million Southern California customers in communities across areas of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. It launched its first phase of service in February 2018, delivering electricity to County of Los Angeles municipal accounts and becomes available to Malibu in February 2019 (phase 3).

Residents and business can select from three new, competitively-priced options for your electricity: Lean Power (36 percent renewable), Clean Power (50 percent renewable), and Green Power (100 percent renewable). To obtain more information about rates and options visit  To obtain details about the program visit