HOLLYWOOD—Tyler Perry’s new TLC hit “Too Close to Home” is back to bring more drama to the world of politics and Happy, Alabama. When we last left off, shots were being fired by a group of ruthless drug lords at Bonnie, Shelby, J.B. and Annie. In the midst of those shots, it appears everyone survived unscathed, however, things didn’t bode well for those drug lords who found themselves fatally shot by ‘The Mysterious Man’ in the second half of season one.

Now, Perry received plenty of black-lash from fans and critics claiming his newest show was too white! Give me a break people, this guy has crafted a bevy of shows full of African-Americans and not once did anyone argue those shows were too black. He crafted a show that wasn’t predominately black like all his others. I prefer not to go on a tangent on this issue, as it’s pointless in my opinion. However, it appears Mr. Perry took offense to those accusations because all of sudden viewers, who watched the first half of the season, return to see all these new faces and I’m left asking myself what the hell has transpired?

There are some African-American faces in the trailer park where Bonnie, her mother and the rest of her family reside. Particularly, a co-worker of Bonnie’s and her blunt cousin! New characters to the cast include Nelson (Courtney Burrell), Regina (Azur-De), Elm (Nelson Estevez), Octavia (Angela Risby), Eli (James Shanklin), Tina (KD Aubert) and Frankie (Crystle Stewart). Now, it’s apparent that an affair is in the midst between a few of the characters, just as I’m very eager to see what is going to transpire between Brody and his colleague Frankie. It appears this woman is harboring a big secret, just what that secrets is, has not yet been determined.

Not much madness transpired in this episode, but audiences did see the return of Heather Locklear as the first lady. I mean this woman was notorious for making “Melrose Place” the guilty pleasure of the 90s. We discovered that the president didn’t have a heart attack because of his secret affair with Anna, his wife purposely attempted to kill him. Surprised, not so much, but intrigued, without a doubt. It seems Christian (Locklear) has her hands in more pots than I expected. She has a close relationship with Dax, who seems to be at her fingertips.

Just when Dax expected things were going well in his relationship with Victor, he learns from Christian that his lover has been cheating on him. This led to Dax, who seemed to have no backbone, implement a bit of vengeance by having Victor’s mother deported, with further plans to deport other members of his family. This is fun to see this character cross over to the dark side. Too bad Valerie, who is the epitome of a b**** fails to realize just how wicked her pal Dax is. These two should indeed be in a relationship because their level of hate for people is simply uncanny.

I have to keep asking myself why is Valerie on this show, what is her purpose because now it looks like her primary goal is to pine after Brody who I sense is still hooked on Bonnie even though Annie has confessed her love for him. Yeah, Annie threw herself at Brody with a passionate kiss, but he restrained himself. It’s obvious Bonnie has feelings for Brody, but out of respect for her sister has backed down.

The episode culminated with that mystery guy who took care of those drug lords in the beginning of the episode, appearing at Brody’s house requesting that Annie come with him. Yup, that’s the same guy from the very first episode who was watching Annie’s every move. Certainly looks like the POTUS has some stalker tendencies that are disturbing to say the least. Tyler Perry’s “Too Close to Home” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on TLC.