UNITED STATES—“Tell me again why are we going to visit your parents?”

“They have a lot to say, unedited.  And they still think.”

The two young men hurried out of the subway at Houston and 1st Ave., the wind had picked up and the biting cold of mid December had kicked in.  All around them was evidence of the negative emotional fallout from the breaking news of the month before.

The residents of the United States and people throughout the world were adjusting and preparing to cope with these new policing parameters. Social media outlets had become overloaded with outcry, opinions and expletives that had caused, on several occasions mass electronic malfunctions now dubbed The FO Black Holes. Coined by a Leeds United fan currently enjoying a mild bout of celebrity status over in England mainly due to his particular style of survivalism. Under makeshift garden sheds in his Liverpudlian back yard was a cacophony of high and low tech spanning the past 50 years jimmied together by homemade gadgets to broadcast like the first Bell of the trade. With his accent he sounded exactly like a radio ham wingman to Winston Churchill’s baritone victories.

Other news trending sound more like adverts for a spring crop of hydroponic-like businesses falling over themselves for attention: Ancestry websites clogged, DNA testing backlogged, privacy protection rights ‘in home and when mobile’ was being debated. And for those who could afford it there was a surge of services offering individual and family packages including the more popular choice for protection against police investigation itself.  Meanwhile, on the street, a variety of fresh age, conscious living and time tested Psychic Reading storefronts were opening up in the same speed and manner on virtually every Manhattan block like a throw back to the Chase banks of 2008, with their smart glass fronts and calming blue fluorescents glowing onto the Avenues in the early days of the Credit Crunch.

Rendered almost completely powerless with the surprise of this new twister in governmental use of technology everyone is investing in monitoring equipment. Everyone has to figure shit out for themselves, there is no coasting time. It’s a form of consumerist blind panic. Extreme self protection devices when up against the public and corporate invasive monitoring systems include variations on a flip back of mirror images or prerecorded cartoons, war crime news footage and pornography; S&M being the rule due to the dark humor that rippled through the crowd in the week after the first chilling ticker tape headlines read:

Nov 12th 2014, 3.30am EST: KARMIC RETRIBUTION. Case Number1. Supreme Court.

Carly Wodesburne, female, of New York City, New York aged 33: Is the first person to stand trail and to be convicted of crimes committed in her previous life. Found guilty by state of the art DNA testing and evidence gathered by a new elite Department of the FBI (The CU) Wodesburne was previously living as Tom Stokes, male of Middletown, New York, who died aged 42 in 1979.  Stokes died as an undetected serial killer who committed a spree of at least six known murders in the first degree; five young women and one male child in the 1970s.  Wodesburne has been sentenced to Life without Parole.

The two men walk by some old school by Stay High which reads FEAR CONSUMES ITSELF out of Glow in the Dark cans, a throw up on the metal shutters of one of Vard’s favorite neighborhood restaurants, Il Bagatto on 2nd St. They were still deep in conversation. Their boss was under a lot of pressure and so were they, although, they were fortunate to have avoided any press exposure themselves and could still move anonymously through the streets. Even Vard’s parents didn’t know the full extent of their son’s involvement with this latest global turn of political infrastructure. These two young men in their mid to late twenties had been part of the initial surveillance crack team monitoring Miss Wodesburne from the apartment below hers over several months. They too were looking for answers.

"Just a Regular Joe."
“Just a Regular Joe.”

Of course the United Nations had had to call an emergency meeting and a number of world conferences and committees were in the process of formulating. The bureaucratic human machine with their diaries, schedules, need to rest and refuel was, more than ever, appearing discombobulating in the company of fiber optic downloads and the speeds of a www.portal.  There was much to get done before the whole world population took flight or fight.

Over in City Hall, the Mayor was in a meeting with the Police Commissioner and the Head of the CU Dept of Investigations:

“How far can this equipment take us back?”

“This was the first successful case, there are still some flaws but at a guess somewhere between 50 to 100 years.”

The phone rings, it’s a line coming in from Washington. As the two others sit silently, awkwardly waiting for the call to end the chief of the CU Dept puts the phone down on the mayor’s desk walks across the room, turns and walks back. He picks the receiver up and says matter of factly: “Got that.” Ending the call he warms up to his new colleagues: “We got the green light on the Work It Off Program.”

“What’s that?” the mayor asks

“A point system that redeems the individual in their present incarnation from any crimes that may have been committed in their past life.  The same sort of principle as loyalty points or rewards points earned on a credit card.” The mayor looks baffled.

The Police Commissioner chimes in with the smidgeon of information he has on any of this new style of crime prevention: “Its basically doing time in community service building up credits against any crime that may be found out.”

“And that’s all you got?”  The three of them look at each other. A level of their professionalism just got undermined.

The two boys from CU climb the old stairs to Vard’s parent’s home and studios, Avenue B and 2nd. His mother answers the door throwing arms around her only child.  Vard’s parents are both painters, they also created a small, highly desirable street wear label. They are an intrinsic part of the Downtown scene.  His dad, Kell is originally from the Caribbean arriving in Far Rockaway when he was seven. A legendary skater by 14, a legendary captain of the football team at 17.  The window at the back of the apartment looks out onto a brick wall. A once empty warehouse now houses $4m lofts. The city flows.  As they sit there waiting for her to return from the kitchen the radio tunes in from the background, it’s a narrative: ‘He drinks coffee for obfuscation while she turns on the radio and short-circuits the free-flow of thought.’

“Have you talked to your father lately?” Lula calls from the kitchen.

“Too busy with long hours, mom. That’s why we’re here to catch up some.”

“He’s up all night plugged into the internet. I’m surprised he’s hasn’t been electrocuted by now. I go into his studio upstairs and there he is, asleep in an earphone clamp. An incessant stream of Ancient Alien information pontificating through the audios, into his brains, all night”

“How was your show in Miami, mom?”

“Oh, the usual art fair extravaganza sprinkled with the sun and the beach. Guess what happened while I was down there?”

“Really mom…seriously? “

“Oh, its just a figure of speech don’t get so uptight.”

“That’s what I say to him, all day.” Archie ribs.

Haaretz Advertisment, May 20th.
Haaretz Advertisment, May 20th.

“While I was taking some downtime a news segment came on reporting on the growing problem in the Everglades. Literally. Burmese pythons, African pythons, Anacondas, to name a few of the invasive species. Pets had been eaten and of course parents are worried. Oh my gaad! I know who’s doing that!  I called Cheng-Gong right away.  He’s been making trips twice a year from the Bronx to the Everglades with a cargo load of discarded apartment pets for years! He thought he was helping the ecosystem, turns out that he’s messing with it so bad! The irony of it!  Cheng didn’t find it funny.  Fortunately Futura called the room just as I got off the phone, we’re working on another collab. We couldn’t stop laughing, too many snaps!  Your dad’s busy with getting his show finished, go up and find him.”

Kell has his back to the spiral staircase joining the two apartments. He calls to the two young men as they come up the stairs: “Come see this…Haaretz Israeli newspaper, online. See the Flash.  There it is, right under your nose. Not many get it, its too ‘farfetched’.  There it is, advertizing the portal and the new planet to colonize. Brazenly on the front page, you gotta give it to these fellas, they got balls.”

The Visibly Hidden portal on the Gaza Strip, the perfect combination for an active portal: part water and part desert land.  There are two underlying reasons why there has been fighting over this tiny strip of land for so long: firstly it’s the safest and quickest portal to get to this new planet and secondly the war conflict’s negative energy diminishes and cancels out the high frequency levels connected to any active portal on the earth, this is the Visibly Hidden method, Boys. Why do you think governments and those who fund governments have been fighting over that tiny strip of land since…anyway… there’s the portal to Urth a recently discovered planet, oxygenated with zero pollution. A fresh start for some. Most of these boys with Bread & Bloodied hands have been fighting to get the real estate and travel time on Urth for the last 60 years. It’s logical that they aren’t that stupid to continue to shit where they eat and crap in their own backyard. They have families and friends too and a great desire for hedonistic times ahead. ‘Living the dream’. People seem to forget that.

“When the Karmic Retribution methods hit the news last month I was walking down 2nd Ave past a Starbucks. It clicked: ‘Star Bucks.’ We’ve known that coffee is ‘opium for the masses’ for the last 25 years. This is comedy! The coffee trade is part of the money generated to maintain and build an active portal. These kats are building on another planet, preparing to move there and to leave what’s left of earth to the rest of us suckers. The earth is gonna end up a toxic, stylized prison system with expensive sugary coffees fueling human busy bees. People won’t even realize what happened that’s what these guys are banking on. And shit will be so expensive most will be lucky to scrape up enough for a family aircraft flight at Thanksgiving.”

Kell was getting worked up, on a roll: “Go occupy outside of CEOs, brokers and politicians homes NOT the streets. Occupy their home front or log onto to www.occupyheads.xxx and get back to basics. Be SMART. Did you read about those London riots back in 2011 looting mom and pop stores? Numbnuts.”  Kell turned his back to them and started flinging paint at the wall.

V&A (V&A was their departmental designated tag) left him to his painting.  As they left the building Archie says to his partner:

“Wow, Your parents… they are like seeing the first glide onto a rail from a front flip backsider. “And YOU, you are their 360, man. Straight up!”

“Stoops.” Laughs Vard. They head towards Rivington where they meet up with one of their old neighborhood friends who had become part of the MMS team while studying at the University of Iowa. Funded by NASA in 2014 The Magnetospheric Multi Scale mission included locating and studying invisible portal activity that had been activated by charged particles causing electro-magnetic high energy tunnels and swarms: Space testing of portal activity between the sun and earth’s magnetic fields.

Ricardo continued: “And I quote Dr. Scudder: ‘There are no signposts to guide us in’. There was a brief silence then he went on: ‘There’s a place somewhere between The Gaza Strip and the West Bank that was found to show signs of another Masma meeting place, way more powerful than the Markawasi. Some of these high rollers, you know, the ones that revel in extreme exotic trips, well back in the late 30s a group peeled off from a couple of these trips supposedly just vacationing to the pyramids what they really went to see was this Masmatic location in the Gaza. They decided to form a corporation, ZSB LLC, for family and friends that goes way back, somehow it traces back to the deal between the Brits and the Jews in 1917. Anyway, things got out of hand, waters got muddied and as more people found out about geomagnetic anomalies, subterranean electricity and when the Black Budget characters begun to really dig things up, everything got real messy, greater conflict started to happen. Which then interfered with the high energy levels. A new fact came to play; this vast conflict zone makes it difficult to recognize any intense electro-magnetic phenomenon in the atmosphere. The perfect combination of seawater, coast and dry desert acts proportionally for this relatively stable, active two way portal. The intense war zone negates and distracts from this high frequency zone keeping it undetected”.

After this evening’s reconnaissance Vard and Archie begin to suspect that the initial funding for the CU Dept. was, after all initiated by the guys who own the private prisons.

Leaving the LES they disappeared back down the subway heading home for Brooklyn and Queens, the sunset dipped under the horizon. In the Meatpacking District drinks before a dinner party begins. The wives have disappeared into the conservatory garden to admire some rare orchids and Tom a relentless hedge fund manager pours a stiff one for his old Harvard buddy who went into the coffee trade. Raj is the first to speak:

“Ah, so that is what Joel has been working on these last ten years.  PURR: Personal Universal Registered Rights, he gets a lot of government contracts opening up with this.”

“Kupti stirred up quite a scene at the Milken Institute Conference last year with his Private Personal Privacy Perfection, PPPP LLC. He loves fucking with words, what a Hairbag. It’s costing a lot of money to keep this a secret. Now people will begin to understand.”  Their egotistical laughter was a simultaneous burst as if they were at a local comedy club responding to a sharp wit. They are relieved to be entering into this next phase everything appears to be going according to plan.

“Its time to leave then.”

“Near enough, near as it will ever be.”

“I’ll send word out. I’m sure they ‘re getting themselves ready by now.”

The Clean Up










By Jane Gang