Tag: The Clean Up

The Clean Up Part 11: Of No Fixed Abode

UNITED STATES—Natalie and Oulevar sat around the dining room table with Marina’s family & friends celebrating Natalie’s godson’s 25th Birthday. The 20yr olds were...

The Clean Up Part 10: Mergers & Acquisitions

UNITED STATES—Nathaniel, Ivy and Henrietta were on their way to The Queen’s Head, Chislehurst, a black Porsche 919 turned right, the window rolled catching...

The Clean Up Part 9: “We Can Take It With Us”

UNITED STATES—Placing all her money over the years into creative projects instead of real estate Natalie had gone broke. Faced with homelessness once again,...

The Clean Up Part 8: A Jersey Shored

UNITED STATES—Natalie Palmer aka The Tortured Artist had decided to test, to take the temperature of her surroundings and the people responding to her...

Codename: UnderNose. The Clean Up: Part 2

UNITED STATES—“Tell me again why are we going to visit your parents?” “They have a lot to say, unedited.  And they still think.” The two young...

The Clean Up

UNITED STATES—It’s just too difficult to know where to begin. I have NO IDEA how it all happened. All I know is that I...
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