WESTWOOD —Making his own way in the industry, actor Colin Michael Day teamed up with his college friend to produce the film “The Loneliest Road in America,” which screened this year at the Delrey Beach Film Festival in Florida and the Method Independent Film Festival in Calabasas. Even though he was a producer on the film, Day still had to audition for the leading role of Jamie, a young Coloradan growing more disillusioned with himself as he and two friends take a road trip to visit their friend in California. “I’m glad the role wasn’t handed to me,” he explains, saying that working for the part made the results that much more satisfying. When asked if he always wanted to become an actor. Day laughed then commented, “No, not at all. I fell into it. I wanted to do sports mainly, I was a business major in college, I made that switch during my sophomore year. It took me by surprise, I took an acting improv class for a credit, basically a throw away class and wow, Tommy, I soon realized I really enjoyed it. Then over the summer, I took some acting classes, and got really into it. Teachers were asking do you want to do anything with it? I replied, no, it’s just fun.” Even with tennis coach problems, Colin just used the experiences for future roles.

Speaking about “The Loneliest Road in America,” one can almost hear the pride the filmmaker and actor takes in this project. “When we first started the process, we just wanted to do it. The more we kept pushing, the more talented people wanted to get involved. Soon after, we both gained a sense of confidence that we could do this and it could be a success. We learned so much and got the film into film festivals, and now the project is being recognized by a lot of people. That means a lot to us. Everyone with the project has learned so much,” stated Colin. “Now people want to speak to us about getting funding for their projects.”

That kind of work ethic and self-determination has always been part of Day’s modus operandi. As a student at the University of Denver, he was a member of their tennis team and a business major before he took an acting class and began to contemplate a serious life change, from athlete to artist. Support from his family and encouragement from his teachers found him changing his major, which lead to him studying theatre abroad in Australia for a year. Day lit up when asked about his first love and passion, which is traveling. “I love traveling, to be honest, if I wasn’t so busy right now, that’s what I’d be doing. If I couldn’t act and produce, I’d be in a job that allowed me to travel every day. My dad’s from England, I have cousins throughout Australia and Europe. I would say my favorite places are Prague and Vienna. I just love the scenery and architecture of those places,” said the actor.

After graduating back in the states, Hay and filmmaker Mardana Mayginnes made their own trek from Colorado to Los Angeles. Not content for waiting for their big break, they made their own, forming connections through work and friends in order to put together “The Loneliest Road in America.” Since finishing the film, Day has been busy keeping up his acting chops on the L.A. stage, appearing in acclaimed productions at the Elephant Theatre such as the sold-out run of “Love Bites” and the acclaimed “Block Nine” (nominated for an L.A. Weekly award for Best Ensemble Comedy.)

A veteran world traveler ”“ his adventures range from the World Cup in Europe to backpacking in the Australian outback ”“ Colin continues to pursue his acting career while making the most of his opportunities, wherever he may find them. The actor says he and his business partner are planning on doing more film in the future. “Mardana and I have a great bit of confidence after the success of this project. We intend to take it to the next level in this industry.”

For a look at the film’s trailer go http://web.mac.com/loneliest_road/loneliestroadinamerica.com/HOME.html

Photograph Courtesy: Alana Rothstein
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