UNITED STATES—When googling the name “George Howard,” the outcome isn’t one of simplicity, because there are many George Howards. A saxophonist will surface, a college professor… another George Howard who is an attorney. However, the musical bassist, known all across various venues in L.A. (from Malibu to Studio City) for his jazz and funk styles, to stand up and deliver bass “lines” and “walks” is the George Howard that has opened the minds of many through his craft.

For George, the bass is not only an instrument to play with, but an instrument of “communication.” He describes that there are certain notes, and streams of melodies that when he hears, evoke distant memories, or the sensations behind those memories. As if the music was communicating to him…a certain language.

For some of us who do not play a role in the creation of music, it’s relevantly difficult to understand this concept. The concept in which noises and sounds from an instrument, have the capability of communicating either to us, or others, is far beyond our reachable understanding. But to those musicians like George, who perform and play almost every night at various venues across Los Angeles, such a concept is clearly astute.

On stage, he describes the experience of performance as one instrument communicating with the others, as if a calm conversation was in session. No words. Just notes.

With history’s exemplary bassists to follow, such as Jaco Pastorius or even, in more modern times, “Flea,” George, having multiple years of experience under his belt, hopes to make the same impact on the world with what seems to be an appendage to his body.

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