WEST HOLLYWOOD—The family of Tommy Bertollo is asking for the public’s help to locate him. Betollo is originally from the East Coast and has been reported missing by his family, and was last seen in the West Hollywood region.

Bertollo, 35, of New Jersey, has not been heard from in over a month. He was traveling from New Jersey to Los Angeles, “on a whim” WEHOville reported. He left his home on the East Coast in July. Bertollo’s family and friends set up a Facebook page to help locate him. A post was made on October 11 reading:

“If you’re here, thanks for accepting the invites. So far, there still hasn’t been any news about Tommy’s whereabouts. However, his car was located at Cynthia Street in West Hollywood and was towed for a parking violation on October 2nd. So now in addition to Culver City, Venice and Newport Beach, he also has some connection to West Hollywood.
Some friends of Tommy’s are going to California to try and look for him but there really isn’t too much more we can do. His phone is off and it appears that he now has no place to stay. Please continue to share his picture and invites friends to this page. Thanks to all who have reached out and offered support as well as share the information.”

According to reports, Bertollo was living out of his car and surviving on food samples from places such as Costco and Whole Foods. He is believed to have lost weight and may have grown a beard.

Steven Casola posted on Facebook, “I just found out about Tom being missing from Danielle. I haven’t seen Tom in forever, I hope he’s OK. Ive been in Venice and Santa Monica since Feb 17 of this year. If I can help at all call me or text me, 13107545836.
Bertollo is a white male who stands 6 feet and 1 inch tall. Anyone who has information about his whereabouts is asked to contact the police.
Written By George Morris and Donald Roberts