UNITED STATES—To achieve effective corporate governance, it is crucial to establish fast communication channels and ensure instant access to board documents. This is where board portal software comes into play, facilitating efficient and controlled communication among board members.

However, it’s important to choose a solution that resonates with a board setup. For example, a nonprofit board works differently as compared to a multi-national enterprise board. Therefore, choose a virtual boardroom that provides everything your board needs.

Here is a list of top virtual board software in the market and a comprehensive guide on how to choose board management software.

Top 5 board portal software for companies

Board software, in the simplest of terms, is a digital workspace and a paperless meeting solution for corporate boards and executive-level personnel in nonprofits, unions, charities, clubs, and public organizations.

Boardrooms are commonly used to manage board documents, online board meetings, and external corporate dealings such as joint ventures, partnerships, or even transactions like M&As, capital raising, etc. Here are the top five boardroom vendors to consider for your company.

1. iDeals Boards

iDeals Solution Group is a leading organization in the field of cloud data management solutions. iDeals has been providing cutting-edge virtual data management solutions like board portal software and VDRs for almost two decades.

iDeals Boards boast an unparalleled level of digital protection and are considered the safest platforms to share board data and conduct meetings. What’s more, the company has a remarkable customer support service that answers your calls within 20 seconds. Here are notable features of iDeals Boards:

  • Agenda builder
  • Digital notes taker
  • Voting tools
  • Dynamic watermarks
  • Meeting minutes builder
  • Two-step authorization
  • Online polls
  • Built-in chat messenger
  • Task manager

You can read about board governance software on idealsboard.com

2. OnBoard

OnBoard is an AI-based online board portal software explicitly made for board management. Be it online board meeting automation, board document management, or inter/intra-board communication, Onboard has got it covered. Here are some notable OnBoard features:On

  • Granular access
  • Chat messengers (end-to-end encrypted)
  • Digital sticky notes
  • Agenda builder and free templates
  • Annotation tools
  • Multiple file formats support
  • Smooth integration with Zoom, Microsoft 365, Excel, Powerpoint, and Google Drive

3. Azeus Convene

Azeus is one of the oldest vendors in the board management software industry. It started operations in the early 90s and is globally accepted for its cybersecurity methods. What’s more, Azeus’s Convene allows smooth, HD board meetings like none other, and you can also generate post-meeting transcription.

Not to mention, you can also record board meetings from beginning to end. The following are some worth mentioning features of Convene board portal software:

  • Electronic signatures
  • Digital notes taker
  • Online voting tools
  • Two-step verification
  • Integration with Google, Zoom, and other Microsoft products.

4. Boardable

Boardable is easily recognizable for three attributes — fast and safe board communication, highly streamlined board meetings, and minimized administrative work for board members. You can easily manage online, hybrid, and physical board meetings. Take a look at some top Boardable features:

  • Agenda builder
  • People or contact directory
  • Meeting scheduling and management
  • Online polls and voting tools
  • Built-in meeting templates for different board types
  • Meeting pages
  • Integration with Google and Yahoo products.

5. Diligent Boards

Trusted by 19000+ companies and used by over 70,000 board members, Diligent Boards are the juggernauts of the board portal market. Diligent takes pride in its award-winning customer support service and industry-leading digital security system. Notable features include:

  • Document annotations
  • Voting tools
  • Board book templates
  • Discussion boards

Important factors to consider when choosing a board portal software

The need to use boardroom technology varies from company to company. Either way, here are some important elements which everyone should consider when making a purchase decision.

1. Board portal security

A secure board portal is way better than a feature-studded one. Security must be your top priority while making boardroom comparisons. Therefore, start with checking a vendor’s certifications like FINRA, ISO, SOC, and GDPR.

Then, look for security features like two-step verification, dynamic watermarks, device/document shredding, document access control options, and fence-view mode (if you intend to use the platform for external data sharing).

2. Customer support and meeting management tools

Good customer support is a strong benchmark to assess a vendor’s credibility. Second, having all board meeting management tools is compulsory. Look out for features like minutes and agenda builder, electronic signatures, video or conference calling tools, task manager, and voting tools.

Summing it up

Boardrooms are designed to provide a secure digital environment for conducting board activities. Therefore, prioritize board portal security when choosing a service provider. Top virtual boardroom vendors include iDeals, Diligent, Boardable, Azeus, and OnBoard.