SANTA MONICA—Allen Robert Gross, 75, the Music Director and Conductor of the Santa Monica Symphony passed away on Tuesday, August 20. Details behind Gross’ exact cause of death have not been released to the public, but the California Institute of Technology Caltech reported that Gross was suffering from a “prolonged illness.”

Gross held his final concert at Caltech in May 2019, during the Haydn’s Symphony No. 104. He worked as a professor at Caltech and Occidental College, where he was a member of the music faculty and started conducting.

He started his career in Germany working in the opera houses as a staff conductor in Oldenburg, Aachen, and Freiburg. He has worked in Italy, Spain, Poland and Czech Republic. He retired in 2014. He is survived by his wife, Karen and children, Alexander and Miriam, and grandchildren Oren and Leo.

His funeral was held on Friday, August 23 at Mount Sinai in Hollywood Hills.