UNITED STATES─I am utterly bored to death right now. The fact that you cannot dine out, you can’t really go to the park, the zoo, to the mall, to the barbershop, hair salon, the nightclub, sporting events, visit family has turned most of society into a ghost town if you ask me. For so many of us, the boredom has totally settled in about a week into this ‘Stay At Home’ challenge.

Last week we chatted about the issue of preventing yourself from going stir crazy by finding activities and tasks at home that you can do. After a week, many of us might think we’ve done everything we can do in terms of completing activities around the house. So what else can be done to limit the boredom you might be experiencing? Well it starts with helping others. There are many of us dealing with really tough economic times right now where we do not have the funds to do things we’d like to do.

On the flipside there are Americans who have stable income and extra money that they can donate to help those in need. Right now there is a major shortage on medical supplies, where funds are needed or money is needed to purchase equipment to make those items. If you’re a loaded celebrity or everyday American who can offer up some funds for those items do it!

Perhaps, you don’t have the funds, but you have the time, a great idea is to put together a video that will deliver a laugh for a family member or people who are having a tough time with the social isolation. That video could end up going viral which only helps past the time even more. So many schools are closed, which means there are children going without meals for breakfast and lunch as a result.

If you can go to a kitchen and allow the preparation of meals that can be picked up by parents for kids, do it people. Lend the helping hand in any way that is possible because this helps boost spirits so one does not start to lose their mental psyche in the process. Perhaps the one thing that I never expected, that come to mind late at night when I could sleep was tackling a goal of mind that I never expected.

What does that mean? I’m a writer at heart and I’ve been constantly totting the idea of spending the little extra time that I have to elevate my writing skills. What does that mean? I need to write more. I have the time to do it, why not channel those ideas and frustrations onto paper? The time is there; why not use it to boost my creativity? Focus on accomplishing a goal that I really want to see happen that has been placed to the waist side for one reason or another.

The thing about boredom that so many people fail to grapple with is that it all comes down to you. You can change the notion of being bored by doing something that takes your mind away from being bored. Do something that occupies your time, that makes you smile and brings you joy. We all have things we love to do, it’s now time to make those things happen.

Written By Zoe Mitchell