HOLLYWOOD─Last week “Survivor” delivered one of the biggest blindsides since the epic bomb dropped on ‘David vs. Goliath,’ which saw John Hennigan taken out by the Davids in a move that not even I saw coming. Last week, The Queen, Sandra Diaz-Twine was voted out in an epic move by Denise Stapley, we also lost Queen Bee Parvati Shallow.

Yeah, it was not great episode for fans of “Survivor” who love icons. In the midst of that epic move, the buzz on the Edge of Extinction was the realization that all of the old schoolers are there, while the new school players are still in the game, with the exception of Yul. The episode kicked off with the ‘Edge of Extinction,’ and it was a sight for eyes to see all the old schoolers out of the game.

Parvati witnessed a consolation prize seeing Sandra out of the game, but right off the bat, Sandra knew she couldn’t survive on the Edge of Extinction and would never have a chance at winning if she got back into the game. And within 3 minutes that was the end of fans seeing Sandra Diaz-Twine in the game of “Survivor.” You have to respect her decision because she had some very valid points.

Back on Sele, Yul was upset at the moves that Wendell made at the latest Tribal Council, and this concerns me because it might force Wendell to align with Michelle which could be dicey if Sele returns if they lose a challenge. Yul took in all the information that transpired between Michele and Wendell. This guy is an arrogant a** and it is making him very unlikeable. Michele what the hell? Why would you give Wendell one of the fire tokens that Parvati gave you! OMG I can’t believe Michele would do that.

Thankfully, we’re back on the Edge where all the fun and exciting players are, Ethan admitted to being defeated and depressed, he considered pulling the flag, but Parv delivered him some positive energy to fight. A new challenge delivered each player a clue to FOUR fire tokens. Wow, that is epic people, because it was a wild scavenger hunt to find those tokens. Tyson found one of the first fire tokens, leaving three remaining, as Tyson lied about finding the token in a tree.

People wanted to frisk to see who had the tokens. However, the audience soon learned that Rob found 3 of the tokens before Tyson found the last one. Jeez, Rob is a sneaky and clever player. It would be nice if we found out exactly what the fire tokens do, I mean we’re seven episodes into the season, we should know something by now.

Back on Dakal, Tony continued to humor Jeremy, Kim and Denise knowing he could be the oddball out. Really? No talk about Sandra being booted. Tony saw Denise as a major threat to the game, but Jeremy saw Tony as the threat otherwise. Kim alerted Jeremy that she was worried about the merge, so she was torn about betraying Tony, while her bonds with Jeremy and Denise were stronger. So could we see Kim Spradlin show her strengths after being on the bottom since the start of the game?

On Yara, Adam still felt like an oddball out, with Ben, Sophie and Sarah bonding stronger than ever. So Ben wanted to go idol hunting, unaware that Sophie was the person with the idol in play, but after the two played by Denise, I’m certain another is back on the island. Adam was really intensifying the target on his back. At the immunity challenge, it was about balancing water and completing a puzzle. This was a very boring challenge to watch, as it seemed super difficult. Finally, someone said something about Jeff constantly talking during the challenges.

Yara had only one trip, and had their puzzle pieces after the first trek. Everyone was working on the puzzle, sending Sele back to Tribal Council in a close race with Dakal claiming the victory. Nick was angry at Wendell, so was Yul, and it seems like the crack has finally broke between the trio. So now that Wendell knew he was in trouble, he wanted to bond with Michele to save himself to send out Yul. So it looks like Michele was upset she gave Wendell her fire token. Yul started to decipher that the navigation of the fire tokens is super powerful in the game.

Yul’s intelligence made him a threat to Michele and Nick, so I sense Yul is about to be blindsided and all the old schoolers are out of the game, but Nick might cause ire with Sophie who will be out for blood. Let this be a message to “Survivor” producers, more than two tribes are not fun. At Tribal Council, Wendell was called out on his cockiness, but why would Jeff point out all the old schoolers being voted out compared to the three new schoolers sitting next to him.

Jeez, Yul STOP talking! You’re showing your intelligence way too much and making the target grow bigger and bigger on your back. Of course we know Wendell and Michele were totally acting during this tribal people. It was so clear Yul was getting the boot, that no matter how the editors tried to make it seem otherwise it was so obvious. Yul delivered one fire token to Sophie and one to Sarah, which means I can see Sophie and Sarah remaining aligned come the merge.

So next week we FINALLY reach the merge and I’m so for it, because I feel like I’m getting bored a bit after this episode, so I need some major shakeups. So with the old schoolers out of the game for now, it is now time for the new schoolers to target one another, it’s about time people! Until next Wednesday “Survivor” fans.