POINT OF VIEW—It was Thursday, August 25,  when the fever set in that night, it claimed me with a stronghold bringing with it dreams of being in hell where the “worm never dies and fire is never quenched.” (Mark 9:48).

Perspiration-drenched clothing sent the sensation of worms on the skin making the dreams of the fiery pits of hell seem all too real. A headache brought on by severe dehydration, and a thirst, never quenched.

A virus brought to us by a rare breed of people, our own countrymen, who do not seem to value life at all. The virus was created off-site, in a far-off land, and secretly sent home with a college student on a much-needed break from his studies.

Unbeknownst to him, he brought gifts that could never be matched from said countrymen, who did not value his life, but “prowled about the world seeking the ruin of souls,” (St. Michael the Archangel Prayer).

As the virus and the effects of the fever, and infection takes our loved ones, the creators of the virus, and the cures sit on advisory boards suggesting mandates, and policies that change with the tide of politics.

The creators are world-renowned scientists who make more money in a day than most make in a year. They receive a stipend for their beloved creation, the coronavirus, and the vaccine they have been perfecting for decades in a lab in Wuhan, China.

The virus is their young, their beloved. The vaccine is their insurance. They get paid for both, and for advising us on what to do with this virus that has overtaken our bodies, our communities, and our loved ones.

People were getting sick. The elderly were dying. People who don’t value life placed the sick among the elderly, and the coronavirus wiped them out. Population control at its finest.

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Democrats and progressives loved the scientists and drank their words like a fine wine, closing down their cities, driving up their own unemployment rates, and getting the country to a place where they might not recover, perhaps they’d now accept socialism.

These aren’t people that trust in God. They are people who trust science and don’t know the creator of it all. They toy with people’s lives like a cruel game, the casualties, never their own.

The recovery rate is slow. The art of distraction is at work. As the politicians begin to cast blame, the viruses disperse new variants. The scientists tell us, it’s all better now, you wouldn’t have faired so well if it weren’t for our beloved vaccine, and we believe them.

No shot has stopped the variants. The people who studied aides before it hit the U.S. are the same that studied the coronavirus and are now warning us of Monkeypox.

It’s not a bioweapon of another country, we have to worry about, but of our own countrymen, trying to destroy us from within like a modern-day demon taking reign in the fiery pits of hell.