UNITED STATES—Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of a fast-food craving every now and then. The problem with fast-food is that its unhealthy if consumed on a daily basis consistently. I’m sorry, but you can’t stuff your face with McDonalds seven days a week and think just because you’re eating you’re ok.


It’s not just that your body is consuming fried foods; they’re consumed foods high in calorie content, fats and sugar that are downright destructive to the human body. There are those days, where even I’ll admit, fast-food will be the go to option for supper. I think everyone is entitled to at least one, maybe two days during the week where you can indulge in fast food. Now if you tell me you’re doing so four to five days a week, I’m going to get quite worried.


When you consider the calorie content of a fast-food meal, it’s alarming. Wow, are you telling me a large fry consists of about 600-800 calories, that’s not counting the amount of sodium or fat in the snack either. Make it a combo and you’re talking about 1500-2000 calories. Bam, that’s your entire calorie count for the day in just one meal. One frickin’ meal! Yep, it’s crazy, but as consumers we’re not grasping this concept.


The scariest thing I learned about fast-food, is as fast as it comes to you, you quickly devour it as well. Guess what, an hour or two later, you’re hungry again. I almost feel as if fast-food is to make you eat more versus eating less. There are simple things that you can do to cut down calories on fast-food stops made during the week. First and foremost, if you’re going for a burger, eliminating the bread if at all possible; if it kills you to get rid of both buns, eliminate at least one to cut down calories.


Another option is don’t be tempted by the sweets; they’re not good for you, and other options can be available at your finger tips at home that are much more satisfying and healthy for you. Next those supersized drinks think again. You’re talking on average 20-48 ounces of a liquid that you’re consuming. An average cup of soda or juice is at about 100 calories. Now imagine multiplying that by 4 or 5. Yep, that’s almost the same as eating a burger or a large fry.


Most of us have the perception that if I’m paying for the drink I’m not going to substitute it for something healthy like water, which is completely understandable, the key is keep the size of the drink as small as possible. The bigger the drink the more calories you’re likely to consume and regret later down the line. When it comes to fast food, its not the healthiest substitute, and we’re all guilty of falling off the wagon, the key is not to stress over to it. Fast-food seven days a week, is not good for anyone no matter how healthy you might think you are.