Créme de la Crepe: Travel The Culinary World

BEVERLY HILLS—Take a bite, close your eyes, savor the flavor. Where does the sensation take you?

Does it take you to a beach, backyard, or city street? Does it take you back to childhood, college, or any other exhilarating time of exploration?

Créme de la Crepe
The restaurant features red brick walls artfully decorated with paintings.

This is what Francois Buschaud envisions for customers of Créme de la Crepe, Beverly Hills’ newest restaurant and creperie. Opening for business last week, this cozy restaurant features a diverse menu rooted in primarily French and other European cuisines.

The Beverly Hills location marks one of five restaurants belonging to the Créme de la Crepe franchise. However, contrary to many other franchise models, Buschaud was given the freedom to put his fingerprints all over the restaurant’s distinct style.



Above all, Buschaud desired a comfortable, home-style environment, one in which patrons could let down their guard and enjoy a comfortable meal.

Adding to this effect are subtle touches such as a bedroom chest and comfortable bathrooms that lack the industrial, all-business vibe of many Los Angeles restaurants. Customers sitting at the bar and certain tables have a clear view of the kitchen, easing any potential doubts about sanitation and affording a front-row seat to the delicate art of crepe preparation.

Créme de la Crepe
Customers sitting at the bar and select tables have a front row seat to the art of crepe preparation.

And yet, the place simultaneously manages to offer a desirable location for a date night, offering a subtly classy, artful vibe.

The restaurant features warm, red brick walls, decorated with a number of paintings, including one given to Buschaud as a gift on his wedding day.

At its grand opening, the tables of Créme de la Crepe were decorated with red roses and candles, subtle stylistic additions that for some reason, can make all the difference between a good and great dining experience.

The restaurant’s menu reflects this artful, yet homey atmosphere, featuring a variety of dishes that range from delicate and exquisite to hearty and satisfying.

Among the dishes that truly stood out were bruschetta served with burrata cheese, beat salad tossed with truffle oil, tuna tartar, and a classic French street treat, a crepe loaded with fresh strawberries, bananas, and Nutella.

Bruschetta featuring burrata cheese.
Bruschetta featuring burrata cheese.

For those looking for something on the heartier side, the menu also features several succulent burgers, including a Greek-influenced lamb and yogurt burger and a classic grass-fed beef burger, complete with smoked Gouda.

Depending on your mood, customers may enjoy a variety of wines, served in shot-style portions, or a delicious espresso worthy of a restaurant that prides itself on French cuisine.

Buschaud, who quit his job as a flight attendant for AirFrance to open the restaurant, reports the first week of business has gone well, as customers have already returned to explore what Créme de la Crepe has to offer.

If you do find yourself inside this cozy creperie, don’t be shy. If Buschaud is present, go ahead and solicit his opinions on cooking, especially Thai cuisine. Ask him about Tom Kha Ghai and you’ll get a solid picture of his vision for food’s ability to spark the human memory.

Créme de la Crepe is located at:
9111 Olympic Boulevard,
Beverly Hills, CA
(424) 288-4031

It's not all about the crepes. Waffles such as this offer tempting possibilities for customers.
It’s not all about the crepes. Waffles such as this offer tempting possibilities for customers.