HOLLYWOOD—The CW network has just begun to air the second season of “Reign,” a drama surrounding the life of Mary Queen of Scots that is indeed more drama than it is historical accuracy.

The show is set in 1557 France just before Mary is meant to wed Francis, the next king of France. Mary, who has been targeted all her life for her crown, was sent to a convent and must adjust to the harshly different life at court.

Admittedly, the show takes many, many dramatic liberties. However, these liberties set “Reign” apart from larger, parent shows, like “The Tudors,” which include a hefty amount of nudity that is unsuitable for children. “Reign,” on the other hand, leaves much more to the imagination and makes up for its lack of overall accuracy with fantastically beautiful costumes that make women wish they had Adelaide Kane’s ridiculously tiny waist.

Another notable difference is that the story is about Mary. It is not about her husband, it is not about her father. It is about her. She is Scotland. She is cunning and almost always plotting, but audiences will root for her as she plots and plans (usually) for the good of her people. She values love and strength and bravery, qualities that any girl should look for in a role model.

“Reign” brilliantly mixes the history of Mary, as all of her major life events in the show are historically accurate, while adding a few protective layers of make-believe and intrigue to give viewers a connection and a sense of anticipation. After all, if we wanted to know the whole story, we would just research Mary online, but “Reign” gives us a perspective of the person, not just the Queen of Scotland.

The second season of the show has been full of plots, plans, deaths, romance, sex, plague, and babies brought into this long ago world. The cast is superb, featuring Kane as Mary, Toby Regbo as Fracis, and Megan Fellows as Catherine de Midici, Queen of France, not to mention countless others.

The acting is pristine, the costumes are eye-dazzling, and the plot will leave you on the edge of your seat. Take the plunge into 1557 France every Thursday night at 9/8p.m. on The CW.