HOLLYWOOD—When it comes to revivals, no series has upped the ante compared to TNT’s newly revamped model of the 1980s soap classic “Dallas.”  The first season was a must-see guilty pleasure with the return of famous faces like Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray and Larry Hagman.

I will admit Hagman was the true star of the series with such infamous dialogue. He took the phrase of, “Blood being thicker than water” to new heights. With Hagman death last year, it did place a bit of a whimper in the series, with Hagman no longer on the series.

Season three kicked off with more backstabbing, thanks to the hands of J.R.’s offspring, John Ross (Josh Henderson) in his quest for power. “The Return” He was secretly hooking up with Emma (Emma Bell) behind his wife Pamela’s (Julie Gonzalo) back. He always has an angle in his quest to get what he wants in the business arena. A woman scorned could indeed place John Ross in a bad place, especially when Pam discovers his duplicity in due time.

He butted heads with his uncle Bobby ( Ewing) about his plans to remodel Southfork to his needs.  Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) on the other-hand unleashed a bit of anger by chopping up some wood, to comfort his broken heart, thanks to his lover Elena (Jordana Brewster).  Surprising to see our good girl vacationing in Mexico, plotting her master plan to take back what rightfully belonged to her father.  It will be a nice transition to see Elena’s character go down the dark path. Cliff (Ken Kercheval), the master manipulator used his words wisely to get Elena to team up with him. The audience was also introduced to new character, Heather (Anna Lynne McCord), who is hard as nails. The audience was only given a glimpse of Heather, but her introduction is a sure sign that multiple love triangles will emerge this season.

Looks like Chris may have found a lovely lady to take his mind off of Elena, but her return to Southfork shook everyone in their tracks, as she delivered a heartfelt apology to all those effected by her brother’s actions. The love between Chris and Elena is obvious, but the fracture between the couple cuts deep, but Elena sure puts on a great poker face to say the least.

Christopher, John Ross, Pamela, Bobby and Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) were completely open to allowing Elena the opportunity to join forces at Ewing global in her quest to dismantle the Ewing clan. Little did they know, this good girl has been re-formed into a spy; the bigger question is rather she has any idea of the dance that she has gotten herself into by partnering alongside Cliff. We all know he’s willing to take down anyone to get what he wants, even his own daughter, so imagine what he’d do to Elena.

This is indeed a side of Elena that is sparking fireworks, and keeping me intrigued. Nikolas Trevino (Juan Pablo Di Pace) as a billionaire businessman working alongside Cliff Barnes. It appears Nikolas has some dark secrets, and ulterior motives that will come to surface in due time. The surprise of the episode came with the revelation that Nikolas is the long-lost billionaire friend of Elena’s. They duo is working as one, but I have a sense that he’s more than a friend, a possible love interest? Let the games begin! “ Dallas” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on TNT.