HOLLYWOOD—This is a deal that I am certain is going to come back and bit EJ DiMera in the butt on “Days of Our Lives.” He learned the truth about Baby Jude, which happens to be Eric and Nicole’s son. Yes, it is a bit convoluted because EJ thought Nicole was carrying his child when that accident transpired, but Sloan’s cloak has been pulled over.

EJ learned the messy truth and his ire was felt, but immediately tamed. Why? Sloan was able to convince him that if he blabs about the truth his marriage to Nicole will be over. Well, EJ the fact that you’re not blabbing is allowing Nicole and Eric to bond even more as they work at that sleazy publication being run by Chad.

Let me rephrase that because the publication is slowly being transformed into something reputable. Sloan for the time being has an ally in EJ who wants to ensure his relationship with Nicole stays solid and strong. With that said, Leo has given literally all the clues to Nicole and Eric about Baby Jude, but they haven’t connected the dots. Leo has been on a drunken stupor and isn’t making a ton of sense. Gosh, if these two just listen closely the truth is right in front of them.

Too bad Leo had money thrown in his face by EJ to keep his trap shut. Leo is indeed feeling conflicted and wants to do the right thing, but money is always a bigger motivator for this guy. Melinda is safe for now because Sloan didn’t throw her under the bus, but you better believe once the ‘Chickens Come Home to Roost’ several players lives will be blown to bits.

I mean Nicole is recuperating well after all she has endured, but Holly is not making things easier being difficult with her mother about prom amongst other things. It is so obvious Holly and Tate are going to go to prom with others, even though they actually will be going with one another. EJ’s deal with Sloan is not the only dangerous one, because Maggie has FINALLY been exposed to Konstantin’s manipulation thanks to John and Marlena.

Yes, the bald Greek has been exposed and thinks he’s controlling John Black, but that was all part of John’s plan to expose the swindler. He wants his hands on Maggie’s prenup so that it ensures he gets it all, but little does he know, John still possesses the real prenup and Maggie was clued into what Konstantin has been up to.

This has resulted in a takedown that is going to be so satisfying when it finally happens. I can already see it, Maggie and Konstantin will walk down the aisle and right before the big ‘I Do’ the truth will be revealed, Theresa will be exposed, and Xander will learn the truth about his heritage and that he is entitled to all that Victor has as his son that no one knew about. Theresa get ready because your world is about to blow up, so is Alex, and Kristen if you think you’re about to get your hooks into Brady, think again.

Johnny and Chanel are pregnant everyone, but they ae worried about the wellbeing of their bundle of joy after being exposed to radiation, thanks to Paulina who is not getting the hint that her daughter wants a bit of distance from her mom. What, the writers are finally willing to return to the big mystery involving the death of Li. The guy who was murdered and his former lover was framed for it and sent to prison as a result.

Yes, we all know Gabi didn’t do it, so to see Rafe and Jada focus on this mystery was a welcome treat. I mean Gil’s blood was found on Clyde’s ‘Black Book,’ but we already know Gil is not the killer, so the question becomes who is and why has Ava been mum all this time? Ava just when the viewers suspect you are turning over a new leaf you prove you’re the same old villainess who will never change.