HOLLYWOOD—He’s back and it almost feels like Dante Falconeri never left the ABC soap “General Hospital.” What is great about Dante being back in town is the chaos that it’s causing. Lulu was speechless to see her husband in the flesh, Olivia was ecstatic, as well as Sonny, and wait for it, it seems the wheels are churning for Peter August’s takedown to transpire. Peter is being investigated by Dante courtesy of Dr. Liesl Obrecht to prove her innocence.

Maxie and Peter are not only expecting, but planning to get married. Anna, Mac and Felicia are thrilled, Spinelli and Robert not so much. That has rubbed Maxie the wrong way, but when she came face-to-face with Dante it seemed to reinforce for what transpired to her hubby Nathan. Yeah, you remember that guy? He was the guy who happens to be Peter’s half-brother courtesy of Cesar Faison. Dante made it clear he was not happy that Maxie was marrying Peter, the guy responsible for the machinations that led to Nathan’s demise and took Dante’s partner in the process.

Dante has never been a fan of Peter, and with him firmly planted back in Port Charles to take him down, I’m certain this is going to send Peter spiraling. With all this happening, Peter has no idea Spinelli and Robert are still working around the clock to get the goods on his deception. Robert has been working on Jackie who is keeping her guard up until proven otherwise in regards to Peter, especially considering that he is now her boss.

This narrative only gets more complicated as Anna ad Valentin are worried sick about the return of Alex, Anna’s sister, who was duplicitous in her actions involving Valentin back in the day. So not only does he have an axe to grind he knows this woman is not one to be toyed with. Anna is determined to prove if she or Alex is Peter’s mother and needs Faison’s brain tissue to prove it. Too bad they got busted by Kevin, who Anna pleads to keep this quiet. I guess identical twins will always protect identical twins people.

Sam is worried sick about Alexis’ drinking which seems to be spiraling. Alexis seems to have no care in the world, even though Jax, Julian and even Britt are worried about her sobriety. With that said Alexis is blaming everyone and refusing to accept accountability for her actions, and maybe, just maybe Julian is the one person that can get thru to her. I mean he’s juggling being threatened by Ryan about that letter Nelle left, as well as Cyrus putting the pressure on him to sell Charlie’s. However, Julian has a torch for Alexis and always will, so if anyone can get thru to her, it’s him.

That brings us back to Ava who is doing her best to juggle Ryan while her conflicting feelings with Nikolas. Yeah, Nikolas has admitted he is falling for Ava, but she is torn a bit about what to do. She might as well just give into temptation and let it be. With that said it seems the audience is getting closer and closer to the truth about Nelle being Nina’s daughter (we’re not 100 percent certain on this yet), but we’re nearing that possibility with the necklace, that Avery is carrying around.

Nina is emotionally drawn to Nelle even though she is ‘gone.’ She purchased a headstone and gave her a burial site, which irked Carly who is still having nightmares and being haunted by Nelle from beyond the dead. I mean that gravesite scene was cool as it seemed to take a page right out of the horror film “Carrie.” To make matters worse, Nina is starting to get her wheels churning with what Valentin noted about Carly always being number 1 in Jax’s eyes. They have been caught more than once together. In a few embraces, while innocent, Nina might not see it that way.

Nina is also busy helping Sasha, where it has now been revealed she is addicted to cocaine courtesy of Curtis who spotted a pocket fall out of her purse. Yeah, Sasha is spiraling people and it’s nice to see someone help her out. Other big news, Dante has infiltrated Peter’s operations and we learned the tension between Jackie and Finn was the result of them sleeping together! Yeah, that one really blew my mind “GH” fans.