MALIBU—Film producer and Cher’s ex, David Geffen is allegedly selling his Malibu home for nearly $100 million.

After Geffen spent years attempting to make his house inaccessible to the public, Variety reports he is selling the property. California law requires some parts of beaches to be accessible to the public, which Geffen tried to fight. It was reported that back in 2002 when he filed a lawsuit in order to keep people away from a beach access point near his house, that he installed fake garage doors. He tried to keep people from parking in front of his house with the fake garages and by taking away the curb in front of his home.

Geffen purchased the property in two separate transactions, first in the 1970s, then in 1999. It is located on Carbon Beach in Malibu, directly on Pacific Coast Highway. The estate originally featured five parcels, which are now constructed into two. The entire property is allegedly made up of buildings, some that feature a screening room, a pond, spa, and swimming pool. The home features direct ocean views, and multiple terraces. There are also nine garage doors, however it is unknown if some of these are the faux garage doors to keep visitors away.

Other celebrities living in the Carbon Beach area include Jerry Bruckheimer, Larry Ellison, and Les Moonves.

Cher and David Geffen dated in 1973 after her split from ex-husband Sonny Bono. They were reportedly in love at the time and even had plans to get married. They dated for two years and remained friends after their break up in 1975.