SANTA MONICA—The deadline for accepting applications for a position on the district advisory committee for the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board of Education has been extended.

The board will approve appointments for the Intercultural Equity & Excellence and Special Education DACs during their regular meeting on April 20. The applications for the DACs will be accepted until Friday, March 24.

The advisory committee helps the citizens and educators to better understand the school-community environment and do not make policies or manage staff. They are just advisory by nature. The decision by the district to extend the deadline is a result of receiving very few applications by the end of January.

The membership terms are generally for three years, but the first round of appointments can range from one to three years, taking into consideration expiring terms each year.

The applications for the Early Child Care and Development, Health and Safety, and Visual and Performing Arts DACs were due on Wednesday, March 1 and the committee will approve these appointments at the March 16 meeting.

All DAC members are expected to keep excellence through equity as the primary focus, recognize and respect differences of perspective and style on the committee and among staff, students, parents and/or guardians and the community and conduct him/herself in a dignified and professional manner, treating everyone with civility and respect.

Applications can be found at