NORTHRIDGE—Deaf events at times may appear to be scarce, yet in many cities there are continuous gatherings at popular places. Some of these businesses include: Starbucks, Shakey’s Pizza, Cold Stone, Baskin Robbins, Pizza Rev., etc. Most Deaf people love to socialize and utilize their native language; hearing American Sign Language (ASL) students need to practice for their classes, and ASL events are beneficial to those in the community.

Over the years, students have taken over these gatherings. This is due to teachers at community colleges and universities requiring attendance to such events. Fewer Deaf people take part in these functions. Some hearing students do not mind, but others may feel guilty, shy, awkward and scared. All of these feelings are understandable, though most are not necessary.

A couple of Deaf people talked with Canyon News about events mentioned above. One gentleman was happy to share that he attends in order to help students learn ASL. He stated that he enjoyed seeing people’s desire to learn his language and is more than happy to teach them what he can. Another young man said that he participates as a result of being at work all-day and longing for his native language and culture environment.

Deaf social events are still beneficial to those who attend. Hearing students should take advantage of the wonderful opportunities to meet new people utilizing ASL, and make connections they might never otherwise have made.

One of the next upcoming socials will be held on Thursday, June 8, at Shakey’s Pizza in Northridge at 6 p.m. There are many more events in Porter Ranch, Burbank, Orange County, Ventura, etc. For more information visit So Cal ASL Events Facebook page at