HOLLYWOOD—If there were ever a town in the world that people should stay away from, it should be the fictional town of Salem on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” If you were wondering whose time on the soap has come to an end, it’s the arrival of a recent face, Leo aka Greg Rikaart. Yup, the schemer who came to town helping Vivian (who isn’t really dead) to take down Titan, has meet his maker. The shocker is the person who killed him is the person who he tried to take down: Sonny!

Yeah, this was a twist completely out of left-field and the fact that the writers manifested this madness by attempting to recreate yet again, the same way Will “died” at the hands of the Necktie Killer. Will had the goods on Leo, which made the con artist very upset as he went into a violent tirade attempting to strangle Will to death. Luckily, Sonny launched Leo into the fire place. Too bad that blow led to his demise.

Like why is it every time someone dies on a soap opera, the first thought is to cover up the crime? I mean 9/10 times its self-defense, there is no need to cover up the crime if its justified. Nope, Will and Sonny in a panic, wrap up Leo’s body in a rug and attempt to discard it, but have a bit of trouble when Paul unexpectedly arrives. Good ole Maggie, woman just doesn’t seem to have much to do nowadays, but poke her nose in places where it surely does not belong to say the least.

The other big shocker of the hour is that Abigail is pregnant! Yes, and she has enlisted Gabi of all people to help her decipher who the father of her baby is. It could be Chad, it is likely Stefan, the writers want to deliver a bit more drama to the viewers. There is one slight problem, the friends have no idea that Stefan is aware that Gabi is up to no good and he decided to follow her. It was interesting seeing Gabi eavesdrop on the conversation between Kate and Stefan.

A custody battle is becoming very dirty between Brady and Theresa, with J.J. and Eve caught in the middle. Theresa pleaded her case, which gained some sympathy from the judge, but Brady fought back, but it was a surprise witness from Eve that rattled the courtroom and viewers at home.

Hmm, it looks like a bit of leverage is about to be used on an ally who is actually an enemy. Stefan has the goods on Kate involving Leo, but if Victor, Sonny, Will or the rest of Salem learns what she did. There will be wholly hell for her to pay. Like I said Kate was going to receive her comeuppance, she just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Stefan busted Gabi as she handed Abigail Stefan’s toothbrush. The guy is ruthless, looks what he did to a woman suffering from DID, just imagine what he will do when he finds out he has a potential baby. The guy has family, but no one wants to be linked to him, so a baby will indeed perk up Stefan.

Now time for a bit of happy news, as Marlena and John have set a wedding date: August 22. However, when was the last time you recall a wedding going off without a hitch in the soap arena, I fear that Kayla role in helping get dirt on Kate for Stefan will blow up at this wedding. As a result, Steve will be livid and audiences are well aware that Stephen Nichols is leaving “Days of Our Lives.” The question of the hour is exactly how this beloved character will vacate the soap. I’m really hoping it’s not via a visit from the Grim Reaper. I mean we’ve seen way too many people die in Salem lately; it would be nice to see a change.