HOLLYWOOD—Shall I say, I’m not surprised. Out of all the four soaps remaining on network TV “The Bold and the Beautiful” might be the most predictable at times when it comes to storylines. Steffy and Liam finally reunite, and here comes the bomb, Hope Logan is pregnant! I shouldn’t say this, but I like this twist if that is what you want to call it. Why? It makes a complicated love triangle that audiences have dealt with for YEARS, even more complicated.

I don’t have to explain the entire gist, but Steffy just gave birth to Kelly prematurely. Her notion for a quickie wedding with Liam was put to a screeching halt when Bill Spencer (one of the greatest villains on Daytime TV right now), resorted to blackmail. Bill made it crystal clear if Steffy married Liam he would turn Taylor into the authorities for shooting him. It’s cruel, but it’s good because the audience got to see a performance that was a bit overacted by actress Hunter Tylo.

I mean we knew Taylor was unstable, but the guilt trip she delivered on Steffy made her halt that marriage immediately. However, Dollar Bill had an epiphany and decided what he was doing to Steffy was wrong and gave her a get out of jail free card people. He has decided to allow her mother to remain free and he gave his daughter-in-law his blessing to marry his son. Wow, how noble of you Bill?

Liam was nervous about Steffy wanting to wait to marry him, but it was not the end of the world, until this week. Why? Hope learned about her pregnancy after that night of passion she shared with Liam. Liam is about to be a daddy two-times over and in such a chaotic (only in the soap world can something like this transpire). Hope was floored by the revelation, so much to the point that she conveyed to her mother (thank the Lord) that she has a bun in the oven! I love Brooke; the woman is one hell of a fierce fighter when it comes to her children.

I thought this was going to be some tight-lipped secret, but no, and this left Ridge in a tizzy. He knows Liam is a noble one, and with Hope pregnant it could indeed make him wonder if he should have walked down the aisle with Hope a few weeks ago. This news will be gargantuan when Bill Spencer finds out because I wonder exactly how he will utilize this information to his advantage. The same applies for Steffy because this news will force her to realize that Liam will be tied to Hope forever now. Love has never been so complicated on this soap, and there is bevy of characters getting on my last nerves. Pam take a damn seat, Charlie you do the same, and at long last Maya gets a taste of her own medicine. Pam having the audacity to question Hope and her motives in relation to Liam has no clue about their history. This is the same woman who nearly killed someone in a cabin, right?

If Forrester Creations is so got damn concerned about photos of their line being taken, confiscate phones at the freaking door. This taunting of Emma anytime she even pulls out a phone is annoying. I mean thankfully Xander is there as an ally to prevent her from being bullied. It was absolute glee to see Hope dismiss Maya letting her know she would not be used in the fashion show. Like I said Jacob Young is on recurring status, I can see the same thing happening for Karla Mosley. They just don’t have much going on for her character right now, or since Nicole and Zende left for Paris.

Which brings me to the return of Sally Spectra, a character that I love, who is about to shake up Forrester Creations. Eric decided to give Sally a job which miffed almost everyone at the company. This is what annoys me more than anything on “B&B.” There are too many damn characters that are judgmental and sit atop their soap box. I mean Quinn, Thorne, Ridge, Maya, Katie; I can keep listing people left and right. Sally has done bad things, but each and every one of you has as well.

Ridge coyly threatened Sally, as did Hope, which prompted Wyatt do defend his new flame. Wyatt is happy with Sally, so why the hell is everyone up in his business. Let the guy have a bit of happiness, he’s been through the ringer in recent years. I love that Sally is shaking things up at Forrester Creations, it’s long overdue, but this whole notion that someone is threatening Hope Logan has Bill Spencer’s name written all over it. Why?

It would be the perfect opportunity for Liam and Hope to bond people, and who the hell would really want to threaten Hope. Sally is too much of a red herring and beyond Steffy (who isn’t that desperate to threaten her enemy), Hope doesn’t have any enemies that I’m aware of, so where the hell this storyline is going I have NO IDEA!