HOLLYWOOD—Normally, I would not do 2 columns on the same soap in back-to-back weeks, but “General Hospital” has been so good lately I can’t help myself people. By now, many of us are still reeling from Friday’s cliff-hanger episode that saw Morgan perhaps meet his demise in a fiery car explosion after stealing Julian’s car and going off a cliff.

I predicted a few weeks back that the volatile Corinthos child might be seeing the Grim Reaper far sooner than audiences expected with the sudden departure of actor Bryan Craig, who just won an Emmy by the way from the show. Well, Dante and Jason did their best to save the beloved one, but we got the confirmation this week that Morgan looks to be a goner after that vehicle went off the cliff and his body went missing.

We now have remains to confirm he’s dead. However, this is the soap world that we’re talking about people. Until I see cold-hard evidence of the body no longer breathing or moving, then I’ll say 100 percent that he is a goner, but there is always hope. This proves yet again that mob violence in the city of Port Charles is a killer. Julian Jerome has pissed off a lot of people, but this latest stunt may be totally in the hands of Sonny who was hoping to exact vengeance against his enemy. If the car bomb is not at the hands of Sonny, I will be thoroughly stunned and that will be one hell of a twist from the writers.

Too bad, Sonny never realized that Morgan’s behavior could spiral out of control even more than he expected resulting in his son recklessly stealing Julian’s car leading to his demise. Yes, there is plenty of heartache in Port Charles and no one is feeling worse than Sonny and Carly. Sonny went bonkers when Dante and Jason broke the news to him about Morgan’s possible demise. It might have been some of the best acting I’ve seen from Maurice Benard in years. He dove into the river and just held onto the smallest glimmer of hope that is until Dante shattered that possibility.

Seeing Sonny have to break the news to Carly that her youngest son is dead was earth-shattering. She was in complete denial and still appears to be. This will led the vixen down a dark path I predict and the relationship between Sonny and Carly will be fractured because she blames Sonny for putting that hit on Julian that resulted in their son’s death. Yeah, Morgan’s death might be one of the biggest deaths that Port Charles has seen in years.

I mean Kiki, Carly, Sonny, Michael, Jason, Sam, Dante are just a few who will be reeling by the news. Kiki is just baffled by the news; distraught doesn’t even sum up how she really feels. Why? She was ready to end things with Morgan to be with Dillon, but this bombshell is certain to put the fire between these two on ice for quite some time. Kiki is riddled with guilt and its slowly eating away at her. That sentiment can also be echoed by Michael who is yet again furious with Sonny for not realizing that his actions have consequences. The Corinthos clan is falling apart and it looks like repairing this family unit might not ever happen.

Oh, and we can’t forget Ava Jerome. She knows if she hadn’t messed with Morgan’s meds that all of this could have been avoided. That is a major element that I’m looking for the writers to explore. Maura West proved yet again, why she is one HELL of an actress people. The woman is just that damn good, I’m sorry, but you can’t argue otherwise.

I’m dying to see who will unearth this big truth, we know Scott Baldwin knows, but what will happen when Sonny and Carly discover their nemesis may have played a crucial role in Morgan going off the deep end. Well, I think we could finally see either Ava or Julian finally pay for a bevy of crimes they have committed and there has been plenty people. Man November sweeps are creeping up on us and I can’t WAIT to see what other things explode in the coming weeks.