HOLLYWOOD—So where do we even start. I noted a few weeks ago that “The Bold and the Beautiful” had bored me a bit, but all it seemed to need was Thomas going off his rocker and Brooke and Hope Logan implementing a plan to take Douglas away that sparked my intrigue yet again. It was a battle alright and led to utter chaos to say the least. I said this before and I’m going to say this again, if Katherine Kelly-Lang doesn’t earn a Daytime Emmy nomination in 2020, I will be devastated. She has been fan freakin-tastic in recent months.

When Thomas learned about Hope and Brooke’s attempt to seek sole custody of his son he was livid and confronted the ladies, just as Ridge arrived at the scene, took Thomas’ side as Brooked railed into her husband and took off her wedding ring. Yes, Thomas has caused such a fracture in their marriage that Brooke resorted to taking off her ring. Ridge was bewildered by the turn of events and confided in Eric, before he was stunned to see Shauna sleeping at the guest house. Ridge finally gave into temptation and shared a steamy kiss with Shauna, which she told Quinn about. Wow, Quinn, I thought Eric was your one and only, you seem to still have a torch for Ridge, and that is not good.

Liam is worried about Hope bonding with Douglas and spending time with Thomas. Liam knows Thomas is obsessive and dangerous. Just when the audience thought Thomas had gotten over his lust for Hope, he made her a deal. If she slept with him, she could have custody of Douglas. That has caused major hesitation from Hope that she may be in a dicey situation. That has also caused concerns for Brooke who shared the news with Donna who is concerned about Thomas learning about the manipulation and doing something drastic as a result of the betrayal.

Liam continued to bond with Steffy as he did his best to warn his former wife that her brother is unstable and dangerous. I talked about this before I do not want to see a continuation of Liam, Steffy and Hope. This has gone on far too long and is no longer an interesting storyline. The back and forth has gotten old, its time to move on. Liam reconciled with Bill as he wanted his son to come back to Spencer Publications. So after nearly a year of grappling with Steffy and Bill’s tryst, Liam has forgiven them both. Good for him, I’m not sure if I could do the same.

I don’t see where the writers are headed with this Shauna and potential Ridge relationship considering he’s still married and has technically just cheated on his wife yet again. I wonder how Brooke will respond once she discovers her husband’s latest transgression. I suspect she will not be that happy to say the least and Quinn pushing the relationship is only opening the door for her to experience her own problems in the near future.

For reasons I cannot fathom, Zoe planted a kiss on Thomas, who didn’t seem the least bit interested because he only has Hope in his blinders, even though Steffy encouraged him to consider Zoe. As the week culminated, an intense confrontation transpired between Thomas and Hope at Forrester Creations ended in tragedy.

We’ve been teased a death, and oh a death transpired on Friday, November 8 that will send shockwaves throughout the Logan, Spencer and Forrester families. I mean if people only knew the other things Thomas did in his quest to keep Hope, Ridge WOULD REALIZE how dangerous his son truly is. To think I thought “The Bold and the Beautiful” was going to be a bummer for November Sweeps, well the surprise is on me people.