HELLO AMERICA!—Following the recent takeover of the United States Supreme Court by the Trump ultra-rightwing only intensified even more the social-political division which was already near the line of no return. The film writing group of Segment Productions released the opinion they are seriously offering a script which will compare the nation’s complacent attitude concerning the attacks on various cities of Europe by Hitler before Japan dropped bombs on the American territory Pearl Harbor.

Remembering how the Jewish people were treated in Germany and observing the treatment of Blacks in our country; having nightmares after witnessing the lynching of an old black man in George, sitting in one section of the theater based on color, it was very disturbing to see what is going on in the government today when supposedly things are supposed to be different.

It was necessary to stress that a script concerning what is happening currently in our country is nothing new when people are not aware of the reality of everything affecting their lives. Stressing the importance of voting is paramount if one wants to be included in change. While in high school taking a government class, it seemed the emphasis was placed on power, corporations and big business, generally.  I insisted on knowing more about the interest of the PEOPLE, after all isn’t this why we have a constitution that protects the rights and opportunity for the nation’s citizens?  Mr. Yokum, the teacher simply looked at me and said nothing.

When relating what I remembered seeing in newsreels after World War II of tons of Jewish bodies being thrown in gutters as if they were trash, the sight of that scene has never left, the evil it represented still lingers strong in my memory.  When I see day after day listening to Trump and his love affair with the likes of Putin, it angers me and I experienced an abdomen eruption beyond description. Then compounding the reality of it all, I remember scenes of Benito Mussolini, another one of Hitler’s buddies ending up being hanged in a square in Italy following Hitler’s downfall.

It is so easy to ignore history, especially, if you’re too young to understand or didn’t take seriously the things you covered in a civics or history class.  Keeping the people ignorant and needy is having control over their lives, especially everything which might affect one’s own ambitions.  Everything stemming from the current White House represents not the American people, but a few gangsters who have managed to fool those who hunger for a better and happier life and they are open for any possibility of control.

Sadly, they have latched on to a very sick element, anxious to drain them of everything necessary to achieve their hunger for power and control. The loud yelling of “LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” to millions simply means let us return to slavery, state rights which really is for the exclusion of women, minorities and all those who are not like the dominant class of our country. Exclude everything which might have protective aspects for the working class and above all, control any aspect of voting, after all that is where the power lies. This is why I still ask WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE?