HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” ended on a climatic note with Jim interrupting Officer Justin and his attempts to have Wyatt perform sexual favors for him. Yeah, Justin is busted, and the repercussions were felt in epic proportions in this week’s episode, ‘The Black Man.’ Jim flipped out on Justin and a fist fight erupted, before the big fight was broken up. Good luck on getting yourself out of this pickle Justin because I don’t see it happening buddy.

For once, Wyatt did not argue with his father, but that was until Jim demanded answers. Wyatt admitted he was about to perform a sexual act on Officer Justin for drugs. Wow, Wyatt is willing to admit that he has serious drug issues. Jim got all the information from Wyatt to nail Justin for his antics. When Jim confronted Justin, he rebuffed, but his decision to not empty his pockets spoke wonders. Justin was suspended, and Wyatt got a taste of freedom even though he murdered a man. Candace caught up with Leslie who informed her that he has a con in play with Veronica to take down Jeffery. Leslie attempted to reason with Candace letting her know that his mother was a crack addict, yet he still loves her. Wow, could Leslie be the key to breaking the ice between Candace and Hanna. The flirting between these two is hilarious.

David’s condition has improved to some degree, as he was able to sit up, as he received a visit from the FBI looking for information about Veronica Harrington and her role in the car explosion. Yes, David didn’t protect Veronica and he sold her to the wolves. Oh, this is good; the Ice Queen might finally pay the price for her wicked crimes. Jim brought Wyatt back to Katheryn’s abode and warned him he would not be going anywhere anytime soon. He has bodyguards watching his every move 24/7.

His detest for his parents is amazing; this ungrateful brat has killed not once, but twice, and he still doesn’t appreciate what his parents have done to save his life. Jim was not rattled the least bit when Katheryn warned him he is being investigated for a prostitution ring. It looks like Katheryn might utilize Eddie to make Jim jealous.

Oh, the confrontations just keep on coming. Jeffery was stunned to learn that Justin got suspended (FYI, he followed Jeffery). However, Justin was being coy with his lover about what transpired. Justin is a good liar, too bad Jeffery didn’t believe that Wyatt was willing to trade sexual favors for drugs. Well, Jeffery’s day got worse as he came face-to-face with Veronica in David’s home. Mother and son have a contentious relationship; but I’ve never seen Jeffery calm with his mother, who wielded threats back at her son. Very interesting conversation between Veronica and Jeffery where she preached, and he preached back before she warned her son that she would kill him if he pushed too far, before warning him that she is onto Justin and his antics.

Derrick and Hanna shared a few more kisses, and he continued to push even though she made it crystal clear marriage is the only way that she is willing to give her body to him. Like I said I’m dying to know what other skeletons await in Derrick’s closet because I’m certain they are juicy ones. Their make-out session was interrupted by the arrival of Candace. Oh, this is about to get good.  Candace showed a bit of empathy, but the audience was well aware it was just a ruse. Candace weaved a tale, but it was apparent Hanna was not buying anything her daughter was selling. Hanna called Candace out on her antics, which forced daughter to reveal her true intentions. Man the confrontations this week are epic; the tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

When Hanna refused to deliver that money, Candace revealed that she was responsible for the attack that took place. Wow, Candace smiled with glee, as it became apparent that Hanna was livid with her daughter’s latest stunt. The final moments of the episode saw Katheryn getting hot and heavy with Eddie. So the audience now knows season 6 only has 4 episodes left which means the chaos is about to amplify to great lengths now. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!