SANTA MONICA—A delivery driver witnessed their vehicle being stolen while dropping off food at a building on Santa Monica Boulevard and 25th Street on Monday, January 3.  

According to the Santa Monica Police Department, the driver left the vehicle running with the keys inside. As the driver returned, the suspect was already in the process of stealing the vehicle. 

In a social media post, the SMPD stated that they have advised delivery drivers to keep their cars off and their keys on them while making a delivery. They added that it just takes a second for a crime of opportunity to occur. 

This crime happens more often than what the public would think the Santa Monica Police Department reported. 

Delivery drivers have been assaulted and robbed while on the clock throughout the country A DoorDash driver was dragged from his car during a robbery.

A recent case involved a driver in his 70s, who has his car stolen while delivering a pizza.

There was another case where a driver in his 70’s had his car stolen while delivering a pizza. According to reports, the man had been delivering pizzas for several years because his social security was not enough to cover the bills for him and his wife.