CRANSTON, RI—On June 22, a complaint was filed against Democrat Senator, Joshua Miller for allegedly keying a vehicle with a “Biden Sucks” sticker on it. The Cranston Police Chief, Colonel Michael Windquist, has since been accused of showing preferential treatment to the U.S. Senator.

On June 23, body cam footage of the officers at Miller’s home showed an officer ready to handcuff the senator. One officer can be heard suggesting to the other, “Why don’t you have him drive in?”

According to reports, officers did not follow normal procedures, and allowed Miller to drive himself to the Cranston Police Station.

Chief Windquist criticized the media for reporting the facts.

“A limited number of members of the public and the media, without merit, have criticized officers from the Cranston Police Department for the manner they handled the investigation involving Senator Josh Miller asserting he received preferential treatment,” said Police Chief Windquist in a statement on Facebook.

He indicated officers did not arrest Senator Miller at his home because they had no warrant, and he came in willingly.

“Mr. Miller responded to police headquarters at which time he was charged. State law and department policy was followed and Mr. Miller’s political stature played no role in the way this investigation was handled,” Chief Windquist added.

Miller, 69, was shown on video digging his keys into the side of a car. The owner of the car, who was a teenager who chose to remain anonymous, told police he heard a scratching noise and confronted Miller, who denied the claims, and walked away with keys in hand.

Miller told police, “He was blocking my way, saying that I scratched his car, I didn’t scratch his car. I’m a state senator, I think he recognized me. I think he’s one of the gun nuts.”

According to his website, Miller is a proponent of gun safety, mental health issues, legalizing marijuana, and The Affordable Care Act.

Canyon News searched the arrest logs for the Cranston Police Department and Miller was not included. Canyon News contacted the Cranston Police Department for a mugshot of Miller, but did not hear before print.