UNITED STATES−A Wisconsin woman lost her job after a post she made via social media showing support to President Donald Trump.

Robyn Polak, a former dental assistant at Precision Dental in South Milwaukee posted “MAGA 2020” in support of President Trump prior to attending the Trump Rally at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena in Milwaukee on January 14.

She told reporters she made some pro-trump comments on her own time, and her own social media page. Another South Milwaukee resident found where she worked and went on their Facebook page and gave Precision Dental MKE a bad review stating:

“Employees spouting racist comments on Facebook.”

Polak indicated that the person making the review never met her in person, but that the person making the complaint “trolled others before.” She denied being a racist indicating she has African-American siblings and is part Native-American.


“I am so very sorry to have learned that this was posted. We are handling the situation in-house as we speak. I assure you that this office does not have those beliefs,” Precision MKE responded in regards to the review.

The Precision Dental MKE Facebook page and website are temporarily private.

“I was taking my son to speech class, doing errands and my boss called and said, ‘We need to terminate you’,” Polak told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “The office manager said it was for the review they got on their Facebook (page), but my name wasn’t on there. They assumed it was me because I’m the only Republican in that office.”

Polak was the only dental assistant at the company when she made the Facebook post. According to reports, Polak has filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination against the company.

Canyon News reached out to Polak who indicated her attorney advised not to speak to the press.  Polak’s attorney has not responded to inquiries from Canyon News.