HOLLYWOOD—I’ve been waiting for a bit of drama to erupt on “The Young and the Restless” and finally this week, it transpired in the way of an expected death and an unexpected tryst. Let’s talk about a bit of sadness that is echoing in Genoa City right now: the death of Dina. Yes, the true love of John Abbott and the mother of Traci, Ashley and Jack took her last breathe and I must admit it was devastating and sad beyond what you can imagine.

Tender moments all around from Traci, Jack, Ashley, Kyle and Abby. Missing on the family bonding moment was Theo who was left out in the cold, but got a bit of an angst directed at Kyle and the rest of his family who failed to give him notice about Dina’s demise. Yeah, when you think about it, it is quite cold to say the least America. The mourning was truly taking a beating on members of the Abbott clan, notably Dina’s grandchildren: Kyle and Abby.

Now, I did not expect this to transpire, but it’s apparent as Nick, Jack and Phyllis expected, Kyle and Summer’s love affair would turn sour quicker than you can count to three. It happened America, it did indeed happen as Lola who claimed to be over Kyle, seems to still have a torch from her former husband. Jealously has never been a good luck on Summer and it was so obvious she sensed she was losing Kyle right in front of her eyes and rightfully so for her deceptive ways that have caught back up with her. Where the Kyle, Summer, Lola and Theo love triangle goes from here, I honestly do not know America.

In the drama department, Elena fractured under the pressure of her sleeping with Nate and confessed the dirty truth to Devon. To say that Devon was broken, shattered and livid would be an understatement. He was so enraged that he got into a fist fight with Nate, who happens to be family by marriage for our notable philanthropist. I mean Devon has dealt with a lot in his life and just when he thought he found love again with Elena, she goes and cheats on him after he finally got over Hilary’s death.

Nate didn’t expect the scuffle, but it was the only suitable outcome America.  This just opened the doors as I expected for a love affair between Amanda and Devon. Both have been jilted by their lovers and it opened the door for these two to react to that spark and chemistry. On top of that, Devon booted Elena from the penthouse and she is out in the cold. I mean when Amanda witnessed the spark between Elena and Nate, as I’ve talked about for months, yet no one else did, that means either she is damn perceptive, people were oblivious or you’re not good at hiding it.

On top of all this drama, we did get some good news with Sharon learning that she is beating her cancer, and it has led to a marriage proposal. So Sharon and Rey are about to tie the knot, Nick will be Rey’s best man, but there is a ripple: Adam Newman. Do I think he’ll stop the wedding? No, but something tells me their will indeed be  a hiccup with the wedding in the near future people, I’m hoping it’s a spur of the moment, but I totally forget that November sweeps is literally less than a week away America.