HOLLYWOOD—Whew, we knew the secret would come out, but who ever expected this level of fallout. Yes, after the tragic departure of Mishael Morgan as Hilary Curtis on “The Young and the Restless,” the mourning has turned into vengeance. Why? Shauna, overcome with guilt of keeping quiet about what led to that car crash that resulted in Hilary’s death, confronted Lily during Hilary’s memorial and dropped a bomb. Cane was on edge the entire time, and so was Charlie, but Lily and Devon had the biggest shock.

Devon was livid and lashed out at his sister, and Cane for his role in attempting to keep things under wraps. As a result, it created a major division in the Hamilton and Winters’ family dynamic. On one side, you have Cane, Lily and Charlie, on the other side you have Devon, Shauna and in the middle you have Nate, Neil and Mattie. I figured Charlie would stay by Shauna’s side, but as they say blood is always thicker than water, and Charlie proved that by severing ties with Shauna.

In utter shock by Cane’s deception, Lily took the brunt of Devon’s anger as he lashed out that she wanted Hilary dead and never wanted her to be a mother. He wanted revenge and made it clear that if Lily did not turn herself into the police, he would do it for her. Yes, Devon is going to war with his family, as Nate did his best to reason with Devon not to create a war that will destroy his family as he knows it. Lily decided she had to turn herself into the police after realizing she was indeed at fault for running the red light and causing the collision that killed Hilary and her unborn child. This is a very interesting story, and I’m dying to see how far Devon is willing to go to seek vengeance and how far Cane is willing to go to protect Lily and his family. The fallout is going to be epic America and as we can see the bond between Devon and Hilary is in major trouble because he fired her from the company.

In other news we have to talk about Phyllis, because the woman is spiraling out of control. I always thought Sharon would be the one to crack regarding the J.T. fiasco, but it’s going to be Phyllis. I swear this woman is so got damn judgmental it drives me crazy! Phyllis you helped cover up the murder of a man, you just slept with your ex who is about to get married, who the hell are you to judge Lily and Cane? I think her hookup with Nick is about to come to light in epic fashion. Why?

Kyle dropped the bomb on Summer (just as they were about to hook-up) that Phyllis had a one-night stand. That got Summer’s engines turning full speed. For reasons that I cannot fathom, Summer is determined to break up her mom’s relationship with Billy. I really never thought Billy would betray Phyllis in such a vicious manner, but it seems like it may indeed happen. This will be epic because it looks like Phyllis and Jack are getting closer again, not to mention, Billy is still keeping secrets, and war between Jabot ignites again. Look this Jabot crap is getting tired and old at this point. It’s a circle jerk and this back and forth is just pointless and annoying.

So imagine Phyllis’ world crashing down when she learns Billy and Summer slept together, and Sharon discovers that Nick slept with Phyllis again. The fallout is going to be epic, explosive and I sense this could all come ahead around November sweeps, because something is telling me that is when Nick and Sharon will plan their nuptials or better yet, that is when writers plan to drop that bomb on audiences who are waiting for the truth to be unearthed. A secret being revealed is always fun, but when a bombshell is revealed that not even the audience expected, that makes things a ton more fun. Just a hint “Young and Restless” fans.