HOLLYWOOD—“Teen Titans Go!” does that name ring a bell to any of you? Well for me it does, simply because I have been forced to watch the cartoon for hours with my nephews and nieces, I seriously cannot forget that episode that was all about waffles. To this day, me and my nephew joke about that song every time we see each other.

Well, after years of being on the small screen, the animated series has finally made the jump to the big screen with all of your favorite characters, Robin (voice of Scott Menville), Cyborg (voice of Khary Payton), Raven (voice of Tara Strong), Beast Boy (voice of Greg Cipes) and Starfire (voice of Hynden Walch). There is indeed a major difference between the cartoon series and the movie: a story actually exists! I will be blunt; most of the episodes on Cartoon Network seem to be more about moral issues/dilemmas our core characters face. The show never takes itself too seriously; it is very fun to watch as a kid, and even as an adult.

This is not to make the argument that the movie lacks that same level of humor because it doesn’t. The movie delivers the same laughs and its references to pop culture. So what are Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven up to now? They are doing battle against the villain Slade (voice of Will Arnett) and Jade Wilson (voice of Kristen Bell). The plot is really an issue of name recognition, fame and star power. The Teen Titans are not as well-known superheroes compared to their allies the Justice League consisting of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Green Lantern.

Look let’s not even discuss the Justice League because many of us know that flick was a major flop to say the least. That sets the stage for our protagonists to implement a string of events hoping to get a movie made about them and venture to Hollywood to make it happen and encounter Jade who notes their ticket to fame involves them eliminating the competition. So even in the animated world there is this notion if you change the past it will not impact the present, perhaps someone should have shared that tidbit with the Titans.

“Teen Titans Go! To The Movies” presents an interesting dichotomy about fame and to what degree one is willing to sacrifice to attain that success. The flick has plenty of lighthearted moments, not to mention it entertains the audience, both kids and adults at the same time. It’s everything that you enjoy about the TV series, but in an elongated form. While not the biggest box-office hit that so many expected it to be,  I have a gut feeling audiences could see more installments of “Teen Titans Go!” hitting the big screen in the coming years.