BEVERLY HILLSWith a name like “Distinctive Landscaping,” a business must be able to provide quality service, and under the care of Ervin Ramirez, Distinctive Landscaping is doing just that.

Distinctive Landscaping offers a wide variety of services to customers, including landscape design and maintenance, service clean-ups, irrigation work and planting.

Started by Ramirez in 1998, the driving goal of Distinctive Landscaping has been to “offer a service that is suitable to each client’s needs and expectations.” He always imagined his business would provide service “that does not consist of just a quick blow but rather [one which] works in meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations overall.” Distinctive Landscaping is a company which prides itself on success, customer satisfaction and top-notch professionalism. And the price for such excellence is quite low. Ramirez explains, “We offer a wealth of experience and expertise at the same prices as inexperienced landscapers.”

Delighted customers shared their experiences with the services offered by Distinctive Landscaping, with Canyon News. Brian Worster has been using Distinctive Landscaping for more than two years, and characterizes himself as an exacting customer. “When I was searching for a new landscaping service, I had the following requirements: 1.) Regular service at a regular time (this is difficult to find). 2.) Thorough service and attention to detail. 3.) Great communication and addressing of specific concerns each visit. 4.) A fair price. Distinctive Landscaping satisfies all of these needs.”

“They come when they say they’re going to come and stay until they have completed the tasks for the week,” Worster explained, adding that they also “thoughtfully assess and prioritize the needs of the landscaping.” Detail is king to this precision business. After each visit, Worster receives an “extensive e-mail detailing what was accomplished and what needs attention (complete with photographs!),” which he notes is just part of the way in which Distinctive Landscaping goes “above and beyond the limits of ‘regular service.'” Characterizing the services offered by Distinctive Landscaping as reasonable, he “wholeheartedly recommend[s] Distinctive Landscaping to anyone.” Other satisfied customers related similar stories of high satisfaction with Distinctive Landscaping’s distinctively proactive philosophy.

Distinctive Landscaping stands head and shoulders above the competition for a reason: Ramirez has made it clear that this is a business which caters to each individual client’s needs. “Our services set us apart from the ordinary mow ‘blow and go,'” he explains, noting the high degree of communication between his company and his clients. “We work closely with clients in meeting their yard needs and expectations by keeping an open line of communication, sending maintenance updates in hopes to advise,” in addition to offering custom landscaping recommendations and voicing any concerns.