UNITED STATES—The United States of America is reeling from an epidemic that is taking place right now. I mean I feel like it was yesterday when I heard about the Columbine shooting in 1999 that claimed the lives of more than a dozen kids. Since then we’ve had mass shootings take place at Virginia Tech University, Sandy Hook, Santa Monica College and recently in Oregon.

These are just a few mass shootings that have taken place at schools across the country. It’s a scary thing to think about. The one place that I believe all people feel safe is at school, but nowadays that does not seem the case. I mean when I was at college it never crossed my mind, that something of a mass shooting could occur on campus. I mean yes you have campus police, but when you have someone who is armed with weaponry and on a mission to kill is there really a way to stop them?

When I heard about Sandy Hook that literally broke my heart; I mean these are kids, kids, who have no means to protect themselves and to see this coward invade this school and unleash a level of violence that is impossible to describe in words still leaves me shaken.

There has been an ongoing debate in America about gun control laws. Some are advocating that stricter gun laws should be implemented to prevent such tragedies. I mean I’m so torn on this issue. I feel like the Second Amendment, which identifies the Right to Bare Arms is something all Americans argue.

Guns were utilized to fight in wars, they are utilized by authorities to protect citizens, citizens use them to protect themselves, but what about those people who get their hands on guns and are mentally ill or looking to cause harm? I mean where do we go to implement laws that prevent those who are mentally ill from getting their hands on guns or preventing those who are looking to commit violent or evil attacks?

I honestly don’t know if it’s possible to stop it. I always suspected I the country ridded itself of all firearms we’d be safer place, but then it brings up the notion of people utilizing knives and other forms of weaponry to commit evil acts. It’s unfortunate we live in a world where people will do bad things because they have the free will to do so.

I wouldn’t say I’ve become an advocate for all Americans having their CPL license, but after being the victim of an armed robbery I don’t think it’s a bad idea to protect yourself. This has nothing to do with exacting revenge, but it’s a way to deter violence. I hate to say this, but criminals are more likely to halt on committing a crime if they suspect their potential victim is packing heat.

Nowadays, metropolitan cities across the nation are seeing a spike in crime, but Americans are fighting back by arming themselves with guns, and they are fighting back. It’s like the country is becoming a place of kill or be killed. Are we unleashing World War III by allowing residents to get their hands on firearms? Could we implement some sort of psychological test to ensure the person who is inquiring about getting a firearm is prepared to use the weapon in the right situation?

I mean we can go on for hours of all the things we could possibly due to curb the level of violent incidents across the country, but in doing so it creates a war with those proponents who are all for Americans having the right to carry firearms.

I’ve heard people discuss the possibility of allowing teachers to carry guns in grade and middle school. No, sorry I’m totally against that. In no way, should guns be allowed in schools, especially when you’re talking about toddlers and very young kids. It just opens the door for something bad to happen in my opinion.

I’ve even heard of advocates who are hoping to have open carry laws for their weapons on college campuses. I’m sorry, but that would unnerve me slightly if I was in class or walking campus and random people had guns. Who is to say they wouldn’t just whip out their firearm and start firing? You don’t know; that’s the problem.

Perhaps we need to have a discussion on the reasoning behind Americans having guns. Are they for hunting, for recreational use or as most of us believe: to protect one’s self and their family? We continue to tip-toe around the issue of gun control in this country, but at what point will we actually say enough is enough. We’ve already dealt with horrific situations that have had ripple effects on the country. Are you ready to voice your opinion?