WASHINGTON D.C. —One year after the Obama revolution, unemployment is still soaring, the healthcare bill thankfully seems dead and the public is ready to turn back the clock and put back in power the very people they blamed just a year ago for the nation’s downfall. At this rate, it seems certain that we will continue to go in the same vicious circle we’ve been doing for the past quarter of a century. It’s really a shame that the public hasn’t figured out that both the Democratic and Republican parties have egregiously failed our nation and the voting public as a whole. Further, that neither deserves our loyalty or vote.

Senator Harry Reid’s running against a woman who won Miss New Jersey 1973. How exciting this seems to many in America. When Barack Obama was running for office, I received these e-mails saying, read Michelle Obama’s Master’s thesis. But all of a sudden, because another former beauty queen is running for the opposite party, it’s Sarah Palin euphoria all over again. I think it’s a great thing that Nevada constituents are looking to properly retire Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, but I find it absurd, nonsensical and typical of right wingers when it comes to his replacement, no one is concerned with anyone’s voting record, their GPA in college or even where the candidate stands on the issues. “She’s pretty, look at her” was the e-mail I got with a You Tube clip of her parading around the stage in a bathing suit almost 40 years ago. You’d think after Britain’s unattractive but tenacious and brilliant Margaret Thatcher or Texas’s equally as talented Ann Richards, that these men would show more respect for a person’s brain, when they wish her to become someone who helps lead our nation.

Possibly the woman is a genius, one who is pro-America and believes in capitalism, lower taxes, less government interference, all the things that go into making our nation successful, but that’s not the point. Let’s turn out the bums in power now and forget about serious thought about who and what we are replacing each politician with in the near future only to feel good for the moment at least. It’s so sad that young people under the age of 25 will believe this is the way elections were once held in our nation. They don’t realize that people had serious issues just a few generations ago. For instance when I was a little kid and we faced forced integration because politicians and apathetic and uncaring Americans had spent a century not caring about discrimination and issues that the South faced. These are the same people, much older now who claim to care about the nation’s future generations, the national debt and the soaring deficit. Amazingly they had no empathy when it came to civil rights workers being murdered in many states in the South, police dogs and weapons turned on innocent women and children who dared to say, I want my civil rights or burned out churches and homes of people who dared to show up at the polls to vote just in the early 1960s. For a person who has seen this, it seems very disingenuous to me to hear the whining from these all of a sudden most compassionate people.

It’s really a shame we’ve turned our national political system into blood sport. Supporting one only because we revile the other and no one looking at what good a politician can bring to our lives and most importantly to our nation as a whole. I sat at the Chart House Restaurant on the Pacific Ocean in Malibu last Friday and had a debate with a very gracious man who argued Americans are ready for a third party. I disagreed then and still do. No, Americans want two parties feuding and the ability to say to a friend of a different political persuasion, “My party won!” What a real shame we haven’t learned our lessons yet. Both parties are failing us miserably and I’ll end by saying, that I hope the lady who is running against Senator Reid is just half as competent, brilliant and savvy as her supporters think she was sexy 40 years ago, for all of our sakes.

God bless our troops who are forgotten by all of these homespun political junkies who don’t send any greetings or support to our soldiers who are fighting for their very right to have biased opinions on a daily basis. Most of these so-called experts never entered the military, don’t give real respect or support to our troops, but unlike these spoiled people our troops sacrifice willingly for them and their rights on a daily basis. God bless America, we need it.