UNITED STATES—I have worked in the service industry for most of my career. I know what it’s like to deal with people over the phone, but more importantly in person. I feel like interpersonal interaction is vital when it comes to delivering strong customer service to the public. I get there is a ton going on right now where people just love clicking on everything on their computer and getting things delivered to them. Look if that floats your boat, so be it. I’m not going to knock you down from your high.

I get why some people rely on online services because it helps them get the goods and services that perhaps they cannot get in person because they have a disability or some other ailment that prevents them from actually going into a store in person or handling that service issue face-to-face. However, for those of us who are able-bodied human beings who CAN go to retailers and businesses in person, why the hell are we not doing it?

I will tell you why: WE ARE LAZY! Yes, Americans have become much lazier in 2022 than what we were 10 years ago. The internet has made our lives too easy and as a result it is having an impact. Amazon just has people on cloud nine knowing they can get items at rapid speed. Guess what America; you can also get the item at rapid speed if you actually go to the retailer in person and in doing so you actually get a bit of interaction that is good for your mental health. Some consider that good customer service, but are you actually interacting with anyone? The answer to that question is no.

Too many of us have become couch potatoes and we’re not doing much too actually change it either. Hence the reason so many businesses are lacking on the level of customer service these days. Hell, I go to Target, because who doesn’t love Target and it’s near impossible sometimes to get an employee to help you if you can’t find an item. Why? Most of them are putting up stock during business hours and it seems sometimes they just don’t have the time to stop and help you with most of the encounters I have had and that is unfortunate and becoming a common occurrence.

Look, I’m someone who doesn’t need much help if I’m shopping for an item, however, if I do need help locating or finding an item, I’d like to believe I can get that assistance if needed. They say the worst thing you can do is piss off a customer and I don’t always believe that. There is right and there is wrong. Sometimes the customer can be wrong and it’s ok as a business to let that dollar slip away. Yeah, no business owner wants to do that, but at the same time, do you want to deal with a customer that is so much of a headache you expend more time and labor jumping thru hoops and the customer already got a stellar deal and service in the process.

We’re not just talking about retailers; we’re also talking about businesses that provide services as well. I mean Cable, internet, medical insurance, cellphone providers, the list goes on and on. These companies think they can just take from the public and people will never complain. That is probably one of the reasons I will never do auto-pay because these people will just charge crazy amounts, and the moment that you question a bill or question why you are being overcharged, they act as if you’ve committed a crime.

No, I’m a customer inquiring why my bill is higher than what it should be and if you don’t like that then don’t randomly charge my card without my permission or add charges to my bill that I have no clue about people. Customer service is a two-way street, if the customer is patient, the business should be as well. If you deliver nasty energy you’re going to get the same energy back from the consumer and vice versa.

Companies have been getting worst and worst in recent years with their level of customer service when it comes to accommodating businesses that are keeping them afloat. Yeah, you can afford to lose a customer or two, if the customer is just a pain in the butt and for absolutely no factual reason. However, if you’re driving customers by the hordes to terminate your service or to decide they no longer want to do business with you, there has to be a reason for that right?