HOLLYWOOD—At long last, the audience is finally getting the chance to see other storylines emerge on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Now that the Brooke, Ridge, Thomas, Taylor and Steffy love triangle secret debacle has ended, the focus has finally turned to other characters on the soap opera. Two big ones: Bill Spencer and Katie Logan. Yes, Bill has been doing his best for what feels like a year or two to get Katie Logan to give him another chance after cheating on her three times with her sister Brooke. Yeah, that is beyond a tough pill for anyone to swallow America and I don’t care who you are.

Bill has pleaded his heart to Katie, but you don’t turn around and say the same thing to her sister and not expect it to get back to her. I mean you’re intentionally trying to play Katie for a fool and that is something that she is not going to tolerate. Bill has been livid of late, so much to the point that his sword necklace has made a return which shook Liam and Katie. They already know that sword means danger is lurking and a Bill with no remorse is about to emerge people.

Katie and Carter already shared a steamy kiss, so that relationship is headed in the right direction. However, with sinister bill back in play, will a proposal sweep Katie off her feet? I would say no, but it is apparent, Bill might be pulling out all the tricks to throw Carter and Katie’s burgeoning relationship into immediate turmoil and I’m all for it. He could bring Paris or Zoe back into the mix to really throw Carter off his A-game in a major way people, one that could be quite frightening to say the least. He might even find a way to bring his ex, Quinn back to the playground.

This is good for viewers though because more storylines are coming into play, ones that have been ignored for what seems like a year or more. Let’s talk briefly about Taylor, Brooke and Ridge. After years of the yoyo back and forth, Taylor and Brooke came to an agreement to toss Ridge to the curb. Yes, both women decided they deserved so much better and Ridge had major egg on the face. Do I think it will change in the near future? Of course, but it was such a moment to see these two women who have been rivals for decades actually embrace one another and take a stab at being friends for once, which actually put smiles on Steffy and Hope’s face!

Never expected this in a million years, but jeez this is a welcome change on “B&B” people. Beyond that turn of events, the other issue is the escaped killer Sheila Carter still being at large, which we discussed at length last week in a reveal that was worth the wait, but not that long of a wait. Sheila was in panic mode, Deacon is in panic mode, so much to the point that he committed a crime by deleting security footage that would prove Steffy’s claim that Sheila is indeed alive and lurking around Los Angeles. This has given Sheila the ammunition she needs to make her move to get out of dodge before it is too late, but we all know it will not be that easy with this woman.

The authorities spotted her and a chase ensued, but the wicked Sheila managed to get away upsetting and worrying Steffy and Finn into delirium. Sheila gloated to the audience which means, she might just be hiding out until she is ready to strike and when she does I am indeed worried as to who will be the first person on her hit list that she targets.

She is desperate to make amends to Finn for ‘killing’ him and nearly killing his wife, while also nearly killing Finn’s adopted mother Li in the process. However, you cannot tell Sheila anything when that woman is on a mission there is nothing she will not do to reunite her family America, absolutely nothing. Sheila attempted to kill her first time around, but as a fugitive with nothing to lose there is no telling who she might target, when she might target them and who she might kidnap. I seriously think Hayes could be in major danger in the coming months people.