BEVERLY HILLS—There was once a time where journalism was unbiased. It was about the truth. You did not hear a reporter sigh, roll their eyes, cry or show their opinion while on assignment. This was unheard of. News was about reporting the facts and just the facts…So I heard.

Sadly, that was way before my time. I didn’t know a time where journalism was about the facts and the truth and people actually respected the presidential role. I remember being a little girl and watching OJ trial and the newscaster had him pinned as guilty before the trial. I looked up to my dad and said, how does she know he’s guilty… the trial didn’t happen yet. Man, I was a smart kid!

It wasn’t long before I knew there was a reason unbiased news was going to be a thing. No one has caught on… but us. Of course this article is not “news.” Our editor wouldn’t pass this article as news because it has my opinion in it, unlike that of CNN which pushes opinions as facts, emotions as conclusions. Well, they just muddy up the whole thing so at the end of the broadcast the viewer is left complying mentally to everything fed to them.

Our point of view section is about freedom of speech. We are not told, like CNN staff that we have to follow their agenda or we get fired. That doesn’t happen at Canyon News.

Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo lied straight faced to everyone today. It was crazy.

Don Lemon goes on CNN to spew his ongoing hatred of the president, so much so, he lies to get his points heard. He said the Inspector General report fails to show that Trump’s campaign was spied on. Yes, it was!

Trump was spied on, his personal lawyer’s offices were ransacked and everything was gone through. This was under President Obama. It was a corrupt administration who thought Hillary Clinton was going to win so much so they got sloppy and lazy.

Anyone they could attack, they did. Carter Page and Michael Cohen are two of those individuals. I don’t care if they were guilty of other things. They were targeted simply because they supported Donald Trump. The FBI and the Department of Justice wanted to get anything they could to sink Trump.

Nancy Pelosi.

However, nothing works because the guy is squeaky clean. Even the reason they are trying to impeach him isn’t illegal. It was his way of talking. He was cleaning the swamp; finding out what Biden’s son, Hunter, has done to our country in Ukraine is not illegal. It is his presidential duty to do good by his role.

I sat here all day watching the questioning of the FISA abuse hearings Wednesday on Capitol Hill. I watched the testimony. I read the transcripts and straight out Don Lemon states, “Trump was not spied on.” That couldn’t be further from the truth.

For those Americans at work, who couldn’t watch, but came to watch CNN for the update cannot understand what is going on. There is a huge scandal taking place and half of you are so blind because you are not finding the truth on CNN. You are getting an agenda. One paid for by the likes of George Soros and others that want a socialist controlled country.

I find it unbelievable that they can get away with being a “journalist” and lying.

Google Don Lemon and you will find:

Don Lemon is an American television journalist, best known as the presenter of CNN Tonight as well as a news correspondent on CNN.

Umm, no he is not. He is a liar and potentially a pundit. He is not a journalist and he is not a reporter. He is nowhere close to someone who has any ethical boundaries of journalism.

Some of my friends hate our President and thanks to working at an unbiased news source, I have insight information.

So I tell them, “You never watch Fox news, do you?”

“No, of course not,” they reply.

“Well, you should… because there you will be able to hear the other side of the story. It’s quite a difference and you will hear more truth on that end than you will on CNN’s end.”

Don’t be proud of being ignorantly stupid. We have a divided country. Don’t you dare give your opinion if you are not going to hear the full story: the truth!

So for those of you that don’t, let me tell you…President Trump has done so much for the country. We are in the best economic status in history of America. You want to sit back and thank Obama, look at a calendar. He hasn’t been in office for three years. No other president has accomplished what President Trump has.

Factually, he was spied on. Anyone that supported Trump was attacked by DOJ or FBI, including our newspaper and we didn’t even support him. We just told the truth and we prevented fake news from publishing. They even came after us thinking we were in support of the administration.

Trump was right, we have a swamp. He is draining it, at last. I had no idea how corrupt our government was; Obama, Clinton and maybe even Bush were corrupt. They were all part of this massive cover up.

Eric Swalwell.

It just baffles me to watch the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Cortez, and Eric Swalwell stand before us and lie.

Swalwell is such a liar he can’t even admit to releasing gas, on national television, though he was caught on camera. Then said it was a mug. If he can’t be honest about a natural body function, how can he be honest about anything at all?

President Trump did not do anything wrong. Former Vice President Joe Biden is on tape boasting about a quid pro quo. Trump was merely getting to the bottom of it, after being repeatedly attacked over it. Then the government attempts to project Biden’s crime onto President Trump.

It doesn’t get crazier than this!

I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, but you better believe that I will be at the polls first thing in 2020 to mark my vote for President Trump. He is the most amazing president without an agenda and he deserves another term. Then, I hope his kids run and we have nothing but Trumps for the next decade to clean this stinking swamp.

If you disagree with me, it’s because you are not watching the truth. You are being fed lies and you are eating them up like CNN and Don Lemon want you to do. Don Lemon is just making rubbish and belongs in the trash bin… but then again CNN is the trash bin, so I guess he’s in the right place.