Tag: fake news

Person Responsible For Breonna Taylor’s Death Gets $250,000

Louisville, KY—Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris, former First Lady, Michelle Obama, Singer Demi Lovato, Actress Jessica Alba, Democratic Political Organization, Black Lives Matter and...

Don Lemon Is Rubbish!

BEVERLY HILLS—There was once a time where journalism was unbiased. It was about the truth. You did not hear a reporter sigh, roll their...

Hypocritical Hollywood

BEVERLY HILLS—The Oscars celebrated its 90th anniversary with the lowest ratings ever. Full of groupthink politics and moronic unfunny jokes with people who are...

The Truth About School Shootings

UNITED STATES—After the Parkland, Florida shooting, while mainstream media is pushing the protests and tossing blame at our current administration, President Trump is actively...

Milada: Dying for Freedom

CZECH REPUBLIC—Milada Horáková was born in Prague on Christmas Day 1901. One could say she was a gift to her country, a lesson of...
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