WASHINGTON D.C.—On February 7, during the State of the Union Address, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and Second Husband Douglas Emhoff were photographed kissing one another on the lips. The moment transpired in front of a large crowd as people were clapping at the end of the speeches. 

Comedian and Fox News panelist, Greg Gutfield joked on that “For some reason, Dr. Jill gave Kamala’s husband mouth to mouth, and he wasn’t even unconscious.” 

First Lady Biden garnered compliments from news outlets for her attire, a violet Satiny V-Neck dress. Emhoff was wearing a black suit with a baby blue oxford and a thin navy tie.

This was President Joe Biden’s third State of the Union Address, his second address that included special guests.

During previous speaking engagements the First Lady stayed on stage with President Biden while he spoke.