UNITED STATES—Well, who would have expected Thomas Forrester to actually fight for custody of his son Douglas on “The Bold and the Beautiful?” It is Thomas Forrester people, so I expected it, but I don’t think Thomas, Steffy, Liam and Hope expected the outcome that they received. Why? Douglas does not want to live with his father; he doesn’t even want to live with Hope (his substitute mother, FYI Caroline Spencer is his actual mother).

Douglas wants to live with his aunt Steffy! I’m not stunned by this because he has no pressure at her home. He gets to play with his cousins, Kelly and Hayes, there is no pressure from Thomas, Liam or Hope and he doesn’t feel that tension. Yeah, it is apparent that Douglas can feel the tension when Thomas, Hope and Liam are interacting.

I mean can you blame the three. Thomas has done some undermining things that constantly force people to question his intentions and his goal to do what is right for his son. I mean keeping a woman’s child from her and forcing your son to lie about it. Calling child protective services on yourself, framing your stepmother and then once again asking your son to lie for you are not good signs of a parent.

Thomas is lucky he’s not in jail. Most people who committed such a deed in real life would be in jail and actually lose custody of their child or children if such a thing transpired. So Thomas should be crossing his fingers that did not transpire for him. I will admit that scene of Liam and Hope supervising Thomas as he colored with Douglas was a bit annoying. Do I think Thomas is a bit unstable?

Yes, but I don’t think he would physically hurt Douglas, but I do have to go back to that moment where Douglas held up his hands thinking his father might strike him. That is never a good sign as Thomas has a rage inside of him that erupts when he doesn’t get his way. Douglas picking Steffy was a blow to Liam, Hope and Thomas, but I think they realize it’s for the best of the child so that he is not forced to choose upsetting one parent in the process. That is the worst thing a parent could do, force the children to choose one parent over another.

The big worry is how Steffy and Finn will juggle three children in the home, in addition to dealing with the looming threat of Sheila Carter and Bill Spencer. I’m expecting before February Sweeps culminates we will learn what Sheila is doing or has on Bill Spencer where he is willing to destroy all his relationships with his family for a woman who has committed some crazy deeds people; murder and attempted murder being at the top of the list.

However, Sheila is playing with fire right now by entertaining Deacon who just happens to be smitten by this woman who he hid for months in his apartment (why that still hasn’t come to light I have no idea). Deacon committed a crime by harboring a fugitive and he deleted video evidence to ensure she was not captured people. Why is no one talking about that? I haven’t a clue. However, Deacon just showing up to BILL SPENCER’S HOME UNINVITED IS NOT SMART! This guy is ruthless and he’s going to sense something is off; he’s going to realize that Sheila is playing him and I cannot wait for that reveal to unfold. Why? It is going to lead to a war between two ruthless villains in Bill Spencer and Sheila Carter that is going to be captivating TV to say the least.

I just cannot fathom that Deacon is so smitten by Sheila, when not so long ago he was after Brooke Logan. Who is very single! Speaking of Brooke, her relationship with Taylor is flourishing and I didn’t think I would say this. I love these two women together. They have a synergy and burgeoning friendship that works, after years of being enemies. I don’t want to see Brooke with Ridge or Taylor with Ridge; let Ridge find another love and perhaps that is the plan for the writers. With that said, where the hell is Ridge, he has been missing since December and I’m ready for the character to return to have his war of words with Sheila and Bill for their blackmail of his ex-wife.

Fingers crossed we see the Forrester titan return before February Sweeps wraps up. Now that the Douglas drama is settled, the only thing left for discussion is Sheila Carter and that odd relationship with Bill and the big reveal better be worth it.