HOLLYWOOD—I know this is a serious and that it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I have found myself fascinated by the TLC series “Dr. Pimple Popper.” When I first heard about the premise, I said, no way this is something I just cannot watch because of the gross factor that people had told me about. Yes, you all know when you pop or burst pimple things ooze out.

The series follows Dr. Sandra Lee who is a dermatologist who gets to the root of solving skin problems that debilitate many Americans. Sometimes with abnormalities that stifle their ability to venture out into the public and interact with others out of fear of being shunned or whispered about behind closed doors. I enjoy that Dr. Lee is so compassionate with her patients. She connects with them on an emotional level that shows she cares about her patients, and it is her goal to help these people if at all possible.

She never makes a promise if she feels it is not possible for her to solve it. She is also specific about the details of what she thinks the patient might be suffering from and her goal to explain the procedure that will be used to tackle the problem. I’ve seen some great devices used by Dr. Lee like a spherical device that is used to cut off certain abnormalities on the skin while emitting heat to prevent a gushing of blood.

We have seen people travel all over the country to the Inland Empire in Upland, California to have Dr. Lee treat them for their condition. A common theme for many people is the battling of lipomas which are benign tumors composed of fat tissue that start off small but can grow abnormally large. Sometimes it occurs over people’s head, the arms, the shoulders, the back, the legs, etc. Some are so huge and massive, it seems foreign that some can go so long without seeking treatment, but they visit Dr. Lee, and she fixes the problem immediately. Keloids, fatty tumors, neurofibromatosis, spider-veins and Rhinophyma are some of the conditions that Dr. Lee has tackled.

The Rhinophyma cases are some of the most fascinating because they tend to develop around the nose and can be a massive problem. In one case, one patient had two massive ones hanging from the nose that was seriously affecting one his life. Dr. Lee on her own could not solve the problem, but she found two doctors who could and oversaw the procedure as the Rhinophyma and lipomas were properly removed from this patient. It vastly improved his breathing ability, his life and his appearance.

I feel so emotionally attached to the series because it makes you realize the small things you complain about are not that big. Some of these people are dealing with conditions that are so debilitating it is hard for them to live with these issues on a daily basis. One patient was suffering from such a severe case of psoriasis you couldn’t help but tear up hearing this man’s story. Now, while no cure is available for the skin condition, Dr. Lee found a treatment that significantly helped the patient with his treatment improving his ability to function on a daily basis.

I have never been the biggest fan of docu-reality style TV, but this series which I stumbled upon fascinates me in a way that I cannot turn away and I feel like I’m learning something each time I watch. Not just about various skin conditions, but having empathy for people, which I have always had, but when you see some of the things people face you appreciate what you have that much more. In addition, you learn some of your complaints are just not that serious. “Dr. Pimple Popper” is currently airing Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.