Tag: skin

“Dr. Pimple Popper” Fascinates Me

HOLLYWOOD—I know this is a serious and that it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I have found myself fascinated by the TLC...

What Are We Really Putting On Our Skin?

UNITED STATES—A short time ago, I prided myself on living a healthy lifestyle. I maintained a healthy diet; I encouraged everyone around me to...

Three Reasons You Should Go To Beauty Schools For Salon Services

UNITED STATES—Have you ever wanted to get your hair styled at a salon, but couldn't because it was too expensive? Well, I may have...

How To Avoid Dry Skin And Hair During The Winter

UNITED STATES—Winter is officially here; and although it can be full of fun with the holidays, it can also come with some cons when...

Speak Easy: Politically Correct Ignorance

UNITED STATES—I would like to say that the political correctness of today’s world has me really thinking about whether I can give my honest...

Evolution Of: White Cats

UNITED STATES—I must confess! A couple of cat lovers expressed upset feelings with my decision to write about dogs and not cats a couple...
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