BRENTWOOD—The Getty Center in Los Angeles currently has the  exhibition, Drawing: The Art of Change, open to the public to showcase the transformative and time-transcending properties of the practice of drawing.

The goal is to take the student, art enthusiast, or casual observer on a journey through the artistic process. The exhibition aims to underlie the ways that re-assessments, and the mess of mistakes, give the practice of drawing an accidentally unique flair. The ongoing event features artists including, but not limited to: Taddeo Zuccaro, Abraham Bloemaert, and Friedrich Preller.

The Getty Center states on their website how “[d]rawing sheets often bear traces—crossed-out lines, repositioned figures, cut and pasted forms—of an artist’s change of mind during the creative process.”

This exhibition will remain at the Getty Center until January 2017. Drawing courses are offered each month on select Sundays from now until December. The course series, Drawing from the Masters, will be broken up into three disciplines.

The October courses will focus on “Mark Making,” November will focus on “The Evolving Gesture,” and December will focus on “Drawing as Exploration.”  The courses are available for all ages and skill levels, and are free of charge.

The next one will take place on Sunday, October 16, and will be joined by the Big Draw Los Angeles Celebration, an annual October-long drawing event which aims to promote the arts and unify those of all ages and backgrounds.