HOLLYWOOD—Well, we have some big news on the ABC soap “General Hospital,” Drew Cain is alive! Yes, Jason Morgan’s twin brother, who we all thought was killed when Peter August arranged for his plan to go down, is actually alive. How so? Sam of all people, received a call from Drew warning his former lover that he was in grave danger and needed her help.

I swear if there is one thing “GH” writers know how to do it is deliver a twist that the viewers don’t see coming. Remember the Robin was alive after that hospital explosion or us discovering that Cesar Faison had been holding Duke Lavery hostage for all those years against Anna Devane. Here is one of those other twists coming into play America and its interesting.

Why? Peter August’s body has disappeared. So there is that question of rather Peter is alive or not, and if so where is he? Or as I call it, more intriguing he is indeed dead, but someone has taken the body for reasons unknown. I’m starting to question rather Faison is actually dead. Could the villain that has haunted Anna for years actually be very alive and working behind the scenes? It looks like the audience will have to wait awhile before we find out.

Sam was baffled with the call, which prompted her to align with Shawn to find out what is going on and that also included alerting Anna about what is going on. Good job “General Hospital,” this is a great way to introduce a fascinating narrative to hook the audience. Also we give Sam more of a story to play with considering she is starting to build a romance with Dante Falconeri of all people.

There is other news worth discussing like the death of Lenny. Yeah, this was indeed a bit stunning, because Lenny’s death was so sudden and quick people. Phyllis was devastated, Sonny, oops Mike was as well and so was Nina. I think Lenny’s death is going to be the push that sends Mike and Nina back to Port Charles for a big reveal, hopefully during the nuptials of Jason and Carly which are intensifying. There has never been a wedding in daytime TV that went off without a hitch, well let me take that back, it happened with Luke and Laura, but they absolutely deserved that after all the chaos those two endured.

I’m just trying to figure out how Nina will explain knowing Sonny has been alive all this time and staying mum. I mean this is going to make Carly livid and you know that woman will want revenge in the worst possible way and I’m all for it. I want to see these two women at each other’s throats. Side note: it seems like the constant interaction and talk of the Novak clan, particularly Joey Novak first with Spinelli and now Josslyn and Cameron, will somehow tie in with Drew Cain’s return from the dead if I have to be honest.

Willow and Michael are still playing games with Chase’s heart, but he seems right on the cusp of just blurting out the truth, which I wish he would just do. You can walk, but you’re hiding that from Willow and he is having his judgement clouded by Austin, who has a grudge against Michael I cannot fathom. You know what I’m starting to think Austin is indeed a Quartermaine, but not the Quartermaine we’re thinking. His hate against Michael could be tied to the fact that they are brothers. That is the only thing that makes sense, which would mean AJ is Austin’s father?!

There is way more to the story that still hasn’t been examined so think about it America. The pieces are indeed there. Oh, by the way Hayden’s mother Naomi Dreyfus was murdered. Someone injected her with a syringe. Now my first instinct was Nikolas, but then it just seemed a bit much for him to murder someone to keep the truth from coming out. It doesn’t mean he is not capable of it, but I just don’t see it. So it makes me wonder, who wanted Naomi dead that bad because she might know the whereabouts of Hayden. We all know Nikolas shot Hayden and nearly killed her, which Shawn took the fall for and spend plenty of time in prison as a result.

Shawn and Sam are working on the case intently and as a result, but Nikolas has diverted his attention otherwise to bust Spencer after connecting the dots that his son was Ava’s stalker. Yeah, Nikolas is a devious parent, so he should not be surprised that his son has picked up on his wicked tactics. I mean hello, look at your past Nikolas, not including the fact you let your son think you were dead for 3 years to try to get back at Valentin? Not to mention Ava lied about the shooting to restore her face, putting Spencer in a dicey situation.

Nikolas exposed Spencer at his big party, by dressing as a mysterious character before utilizing a phone call from Ryan Chamberlain to unnerve his son. Here’s the problem, Ryan Chamberlain is back on the forefront and if that ever happens in the soap arena, it is a sign that Ryan’s story is about to kick-off to epic proportions. I sense Ryan who is using Harmony to write letters is about to emerge again and this time his threat level will be uncanny as Ava will be a focal point.

Ava was smart to realize Nikolas’ plan to expose Spencer was NOT smart, but this will only lead to them thinking Spencer is still at it, when in reality it is actual danger and its coming from Ryan himself. Well that was confirmed this week when someone torched Ava’s vehicle and left a badge of Kiki’s employment at GH near the car. Ava was scared to the core. Why? That badge was buried with Kiki which means someone dug up the grave to get their hands on it. Spencer didn’t do it he was at the mansion, so Nikolas, Laura, Kevin and Ava all know someone is really stalking Ava people and that nosy female nurse, seems to have a hand in things, but who is she? Not know just yet.