HOLLYWOOD—We have NOT chatted about “Days of Our Lives” in quite some time because the soap was on hiatus as a direct result of the 2021 Olympics. However, the soap returned last week and with a major bang. Bear with me America because this week’s column might be longer than expected, but I want to ensure you are fully aware of all that is going on in the town of Salem.

First off, Sami exposed came to fruition when EJ learned from that letter thanks to Philip who gave it to Nicole who delivered it to EJ that his wife cheated on him with Lucas of all people. EJ was livid and he threw Sami out the DiMera mansion as a result. Lucas came face-to-face with EJ who issued a threat to have him eliminated, and we all know how vindictive EJ came be when he feels betrayed, and Sami wanted to have a face-to-face talk with Nicole who was being comforted by Rafe of all people.

Yeah, this chaos is interesting to say the least considering we all know Rafe has a torch for Nicole and he used to be heavily in love with Sami. The two ladies traded spars, but if ONLY they had come to an agreement to not expose one another’s secret they would not be in the situation they are in now. What makes things worst is a fourth wheel in Ava who spotted Rafe comforting Nicole and the jealousy in her eyes said it all people. The fight was halted by Rafe as Sami issued threats to her nemesis.

Too bad for Sami that someone has ulterior motives and she found herself kidnapped and that necklace that EJ gave her was dropped which Gabi retrieved. Hmm, this has EJ’s fingerprints all over it, especially after noting to Kristen he planned to make Samantha pay for duplicity. If only Sami had gotten to Gabi a little early she might not be in danger. Speaking of Gabi, she and Jake are using Philip’s computer to utilize their plan to take back DiMera just as he attempts to get back into the good graces of Chloe. Ugh, this Philip and Chloe pairing is not want fans want, we want Brady and Chloe.

So we have to talk about the big drama of the hour, Theo and Ciara’s wedding hitting a roadblock with Claire posing as the bride and allowing Ben to kidnap Ciara to take her back to that cabin. Look the romance between Ciara and Ben is great, but this constant rescuing of the two is becoming old and tired at this point. I don’t want to see it anymore people, give these two something bigger to challenge their relationship. Before last week wrapped Ciara regained her memories and her and Ben slept together.

However, it was Theo who had his heart broken when he walked in on the two of them in bed together, with Shawn totting a gun in his hand. So Ben and Ciara are reunited, Theo is heartbroken, so what happens next with them since this tale is finally over, we hope? Let’s talk about the Price family because, Paulina is doing her best to get back into the orbit of Lani, Abe and Eli offering a reward for information on Ciara’s whereabouts, that helped her relationship with Abe a little, but not Lani who wanted NOTHING to do with her aunt, until her grandmother arrived in town.

I teased this week’s ago that something about that secret Paulina whispered to the twins highlighted the fact that she could perhaps be the twins’ grandmother and Lani’s actual birth mother. Well, it looks like it people because Paulina’s mother, Olivia Price arrived in Salem and left Paulina for a loss of words. I knew there was plenty more Price family drama and it is starting to unfold people, because Paulina is Lani’s mother! Ooh, this is getting juicy and will throw Lani and her family for a loop. How so? That means Abe is NOT her father, and it does raise a question as to who is Lani’s dad and how did the Price ladies pull off such a ruse without anyone ever figuring it out?