LAUREL CANYON—Around midnight, on April 18, a vehicle carrying two adult males overturned on the 1800 block of Laurel Canyon.

The white Volkswagen was found on the side of the road, passenger side up. Both males were briefly hospitalized to be treated for minor injuries. The driver was later booked on DUI charges.

In California, DUI penalties differ based on offense. First time offenders can face fines from $390 to $1000, minimum 30-day revocation of your license or 90-day license restriction permitting travel only to and from work.

For multiple offenders, maximum fines can range from $1000 to over $2600, 6 months imprisonment and a 6-month license suspension. In severe cases where blood alcohol level is .15 percent or higher, an “interlock” breath device is attached to your car and your vehicle will not start if there are traces of alcohol.

DUI checkpoints are frequent on Saturday nights, but with sites and groups providing where the locations are online, drivers may be avoiding these locations putting themselves and others at risk.